Steve Deace

Steve Deace
Victims versus Victims
By Steve Deace
Once again the Bizzaro world, perpetual grievance rantings of the Left’s collective inner child doesn’t disappoint. Breaking news: The Oscars ...
January 16, 2016
There Really Is A ‘War on Women’
By Steve Deace
It turns out the “war on women” exists after all, and it’s being carried out by women like Joy Behar ...
January 09, 2016
Trump, Putin, and the Rainbow Jihad -- A Love Triangle
By Steve Deace
Just when we thought a great bromance was about to bloom between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, weird progressive reality ...
December 22, 2015
Go and Do Likewise
By Steve Deace
There are dragons—both real and imagined. A network of sisters who call themselves “Talitha Kum” – taken from the ...
December 06, 2015
Good News – Progressives Once More Assure Us Islam is our Friend
By Steve Deace
My home state is allegedly about to get blasted with its first winter storm, but I don’t plan on letting ...
November 22, 2015
My Rant on the University of Missouri
By Steve Deace
Dear University of Missouri: That’s a nice Tower of Babel you have there. A black student body president lying about the ...
November 14, 2015
How the Left Responds to Defeat
By Steve Deace
A few locusts were crushed under the boot of American Exceptionalism last Tuesday. The creeps in Houston, who wanted disturbed ...
November 08, 2015
Beam Me Up, Sulu
July 04, 2015 |
Fight or Flight -- There is No Other Option
By Steve Deace
The destruction of the most fundamentally important institution of a civil society has been anointed by five pagan shamans on ...
June 27, 2015
The Fix is In
June 06, 2015 |
The Church Fails Ireland, Will it Next Fail America?
By Steve Deace
It is nearly impossible to overstate the evangelistic failure of the Catholic Church in Ireland following that country’s democratic embrace ...
May 30, 2015
Be Careful What You Wish For Progressives
By Steve Deace
Pew Research came out with its latest seven-year study of religious trends in America. The data appears to show Christianity ...
May 16, 2015
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