Happy Easter to the Rainbow Jihad

Posted: Apr 04, 2015 12:01 AM

This week’s dance around Indiana’s pagan maypole harkens back to the Lord’s temptation by the devil.

Told he would inherit all the kingdoms of the world if only he would bow down and worship the darkness, Jesus’ 40 days and 40 nights of hunger and loneliness in the desert culminated in a resolute, purifying light.

“Away with you, Satan!” he said “For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’”

Truth and faith kissed, and the world-changing ministry of the Son of God was born.

But no matter how piercing and beautiful that heavenly light, God’s children have still remained free to invent the most asinine and grotesque means by which to bury that light in blackness if we wish.

And we have.

The kingdom known as the United States of America is in the process of being conquered by the latest sages of the ages – the Rainbow Jihad -- and is being redecorated at a rapid pace to conform to the standards of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Serve God? Not unless that S.O.B. starts serving deep dish pepperoni at gay weddings. Clear-and-present made-up dangers like Indiana pizzerias, and the florists and bakers who dare to tell the devil to stick it where the sun don’t shine as Jesus did, should prepare to be turned into a pillar of salt with the help of the homosexual bully squad’s mouthpieces in the media.

Because Jesus is love, and doesn’t judge and was inclusive and tolerant and all that other stuff from the Gospel according to Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

No, Jesus would not have hung up his carpenter’s hammer and opened an LGBT catering business in Indianapolis if he were currently walking the earth. Not only do we know that, we also know what he would have done instead.

He would have washed our feet.

That’s what members of Christian churches across the country did on Thursday to commemorate the events of the Last Supper. You want to follow me, Jesus asked? Then serve as I serve.

He made us confront the dirtiest and smelliest parts of ourselves. He told us that we needed to help one another be made clean from the filth of daily life, before we could embrace the treasure of heaven. He exposed our vulnerabilities in a way that often made us feel uncomfortable, uncertain, and unworthy – a la Peter refusing at first to submit to such an experience at the hands of the Lord God Almighty made flesh.

Now contrast that with the Secular Inquisition taking place in Indiana. These new masters of moral conformity are not asking the culture to find truth through humility. Instead, they are demanding obedience at the point of a gun. Just as all tyrants do.

Their version of “What Would Jesus Do” is to drop their pants, relieve themselves on our kitchen table, and then insist that we wipe their backside. The dirt and the filth are to become our new normal. We no longer seek to be cleansed, but instead “tolerance” demands you not only let me wallow in the muck and mire of my sin like a pig in slop if I so desire, but you must join me in the filth-infested revelry.

Sadly, Indiana Governor Mike Pence just helped them do that after initially heading down the correct path.

Judas beckons.

There are plenty of political pundits out there who call themselves both Christians and conservatives yet will blanch at that assessment as far too harsh. Pence’s real mistake, they say, is that he focused on marriage and religious freedom too much.

After all, it’s the 21st century. Don’t be a square, man. Talk about jobs and the economy. Talk about national security. You know, other issues Republicans don’t fight on, either.

But saw off that third leg of the stool and throw it in the garbage because all it does, say the intelligentsia (whose only real skill seems to be losing presidential elections repeatedly), is blow up in our face.

But that’s like saying because a suicide bomber likes to walk among crowds of Christians you should make it your first order of business to stop going to church. Not only would that be foolish, but the exact opposite is true. We must pray all the more and let our light shine even brighter for all to see.

As was the case with the fake war on women that was foisted upon the public not long ago, issues of faith and morals aren’t going to go away if we simply ignore them. In fact, given the ground the Left has lost with the American people on virtually every other issue, they are likely to double down all the more on enforcing their own moral rewrite. It is the very core of who they are.

Just ask Harry Reid. Need to pull out a win? Then let the lying begin.

And why not, particularly when the so-called opposition parts like the Red Sea at the first sign of pressure or difficulty. Bullying Christians has become the Left’s ace in the hole. They take hostages, and we keep negotiating with the terrorists.

Those are the keys to the kingdom for the godless. But on Easter weekend of all weekends, let it be clear to us that we are destined to travel a different course.

Away with you, Satan. We don’t believe this present kingdom to be worth having if the price is our very soul. We will not extinguish our flame because the mood of the day deems it fashionable. Furthermore, we will pray for those who persecute us, because we remember we were also enemies of God when Christ chose to die for us.

We will bear our cross if we must, but Him alone we will serve. Do your worst, devil, for this world is not our home. You are already beaten.

It is finished.