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The Netanyahu Paradox

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We reap what we sow.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi lectured us that “we need to pass (Obamacare) to find out what is in it.” Six years later, the fate of Obamacare is now hanging on the parsing of six words within a nearly 1,000-page document.


Well, well, well, Nancy. Reap it.

While I don’t have enough faith to cling to salvation via the judiciary, I desperately hope my Schadenfreude has a chance to aggressively exercise itself in the wake of a King v Burwell kill shot.

See, we all got a preview of what it looks like when Pelosi gets the vapors after Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. Sure, she’s been able to fancy herself as a sort of low-information version of Joan of Arc after years of jousting with the ever-flaccid John Boehner. However, when faced with true masculine courage, she let Bibi get under her skin.

This is Clown College versus War College.

Many of us celebrated the moral clarity and resolve Netanyahu brought to the table under circumstances that can literally be described as existential. But that and Pelosi’s discomfort ultimately gave way to lamentation after a while.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about enough of being under the thumb of the clown college.

Obama. Pelosi. Boehner. McConnell. Hillary. Reid. These are the so-called lions of our times, and as much as we know how screwed up that is, it is pounded home all the more when an actual statesman comes into our house and shows us how it’s done.

Is the future any brighter, though? The system wants us to have a Bush and/or Clinton on the ballot for the eighth time in the last nine presidential elections. Except that’s not a contest of ideas but literally family squabble. The Bushes and Clintons are in-laws. So instead of the grand debate the country craves/needs about how best to move forward following the current Marxist failure in the White House, we’d get the Habsburg Dynasty.


Obviously the Republicans have several quality options in comparison to King Bush III. Here’s hoping at least one of them shows he has what it takes to save us from another election without consequences. However, stop and think for a moment about the fact Hillary is the best and only option the Democrats have.

Before Obamacare, she was the original overreach on universal healthcare. Then she gave us the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that wasn’t – because trust me, I would love it if there actually was such a thing.

Still, this uninspiring first lady was anointed as a presidential favorite after an undistinguished carpet-bagger stint in the U.S. Senate. Naturally, she blew it, so what the Hell, let’s make her Secretary of State!

That gravitas-laden position, the epitome of diplomatic finesse, will nonetheless be known on “Killary’s” watch for her plea of “what difference does it make” in the face of four dead Americans in Benghazi, and an outright lie about a fifth-rate video as the supposed cause of their demise.

Forget about the current story of hiding of her state department emails on a personal server operated out of her house. Folks, Hillary should have been done several chapters ago. The reason she isn’t is because our civic and cultural make-up not only doesn’t prevent it, but it encourages and thus manipulates her perpetual relevance.

Please don’t call her a survivor. Cockroaches are known for surviving some ridiculous stuff, too, but it’s not because they are a profile in courage.


It’s because they are better at surviving on garbage than most of the other soulless warm bodies out there. Isn’t it abundantly clear by now that Hillary is glad to suffer any humiliation as long as she gets to be president? Come on, her initial slogan was “ready for Hillary” for the love of all that’s unholy. Can you get more presumptively sanctimonious than that?

It’s too bad we don’t live in Netanyahu’s world, because that’s where the terrorists don’t get to win. But our home-grown inmates are running the asylum now, either fully embracing the total depravity of our cultural collapse like Hillary and Pelosi. Or winking and nodding at it like the GOP establishment.

Back to that Obamacare Schadenfreude one final time. Why do I feel as if even if we “win” that case at the Supreme Court, we’ll be like the idiot in the NFL who does an obscene end zone dance as his team remains down by three touchdowns?

Nice moment. Still a loser.

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