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Somebody save Ben Carson from himself—or his campaign.

He is a man I admire. He is perhaps the most decorated living private citizen we have. If my life includes a quarter of the accomplishments of his, I will be more than satisfied when they finally put me in the grave. We certainly need someone of his stature on the front lines of the battle for the soul of America.


However, if the month of April is any indication, we’re not going to be needing him running for president.

Carson isn’t expected to formally declare until May 4th. Yet sadly as that date approaches, Carson is mysteriously undermining the very reasons why he captured the attention of so many patriots since he confronted President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast.

First, there was Carson posting on Facebook that Easter wasn’t about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for the sins of the world, and ensuing resurrection proving he was the only Son of God. Rather, Carson posted Easter was about “acceptance” and said Christians and Muslims are children of the same God. That, of course, would be news to Christians and Muslims alike. Since one side says the basis for their faith is Christ’s resurrection from the dead, and the other side claims he was never crucified in the first place. One side says “God has no son” and the other begs to differ. Christians and Muslims could both be wrong, but they can’t both be right unless you’re bi-polar and have no problems with glaring contradictions.

That message, which any liberal Unitarian could’ve posted, was lambasted by numerous Iowa Caucus voters and activists when I shared it on my Facebook wall.

Next, Carson tweeted out approval for the sham Iran deal orchestrated by Senator Bob Corker, which in reality is the GOP establishment surrendering its constitutional oversight once more. Under this agreement, Senate Republicans have unconstitutionally lowered the constitutional threshold for ratifying treaties, and essentially have agreed with Obama that his enabling of the Iranian Regime isn’t a treaty in the first place. The Heritage Foundation says the Corker deal “gives the President an easier path to obtaining the very congressional imprimatur that he would probably be unable to obtain through the traditional treaty process.”


But never forget bad things tend to come in threes, and Carson followed up these blunders by committing what I hope is the dumbest messaging that will be attempted by any GOP presidential candidate henceforth.

Carson compared himself to Al Sharpton.

No, really, this actually happened. There’s even a picture of Carson shaking that proven liar, charlatan, tax cheat, race-baiter, and riot inciter’s hand. Because that’s why we want someone like Carson to run for president, to legitimize a destructive hack like Sharpton.

In reality, it’s because the likes of Sharpton have been discredited that many Americans of various political persuasions are interested in someone like Carson. A fresh face whose life story proves the American Dream still lives, and the Sharptons of the world are wrong when they claim we have to burn the village to save it.

If Carson is going to take that away from us as well, then there’s no point to him running for president at all. He’s risking self-parody now. Seriously, if another GOP presidential candidate commits worse messaging than that this cycle, you have my permission to shoot me. My family also promises not to press any charges but simply collect the insurance check.

The Sharpton craziness was actually laid out in full in an op-ed, and not simply a slip of the tongue on live TV. Carson wrote the op-ed following an appearance at the national convention of an organization Sharpton founded, the National Action Network. It promises to “promote a modern civil rights agenda that includes the fight for one standard of justice, decency and equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender.”


Is it just me or are “justice” and “decency” not exactly the words that come to mind whenever Sharpton enters a room. More like the smell of sulfur. And that is exactly why Carson writing this – “Sharpton and I have the same goal: to build a brighter, stronger America that provides equal opportunities and access to the underserved and forgotten” – makes my head want to explode and my heart break.

Conservatives love it when we enter the world of our ideological enemies and speak truth to power without fear, so simply attending the Sharpton event was no sin. But that’s as long as a ‘too smart by a half’ distinction isn’t attempted concerning the difference between Sharpton’s methods and his goals.

In short, they both reek. Sharpton, despite being a so-called “reverend,” is a cultural Marxist revolutionary and not a patriot. He is not on the side of true liberty in any way, shape or form. Unless “liberty” is now defined by the disintegration of Ferguson.

Carson’s primary blind spot in many matters seems to be in assuming good will when none exists. In showing up to Sharpton’s dog and pony show and writing about it afterward, it was high time to be wise as a serpent, not innocent as a dove. That means recognizing a serpent when you see one like Sharpton speaking with forked tongue.

Sharpton’s bottom line – Marxism – will tolerate Carson only so long as he is not viewed as any sort of GOP standard bearer for defeating it. But if Carson were to ever find his footing again, is there any real doubt about how quickly the label “Uncle Tom” would be slapped on him by Sharpton?


America needs the Sharptons of the world sent back under the rocks from whence they came, not genuflected to. Carson is a healer, and a great one at that. But what this nation really needs is a wartime president, capable of defeating our enemies both foreign and domestic.

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