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There Really Is A ‘War on Women’

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It turns out the “war on women” exists after all, and it’s being carried out by women like Joy Behar and other pagan progressives like her.

This week Behar’s TV show, The View, provided proof that a male creep/perp need not be anywhere in the room for real life victims of sexual assault to be thrown under the bus.

Sure, Bill Clinton is “a dog,” admitted Behar, while being confronted with his past infidelity and its impact on Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes. But hey, according to Behar taxpayer-funded birth control and satisfying the blood lust to kill innocent babies (millions of them women, by the way) is worth a little unwanted groping here and there. Even a drowning maybe.

Concerning Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick, Behar continued: “I mean, a girl drowns and he abandons her and she drowned and women still voted for Teddy Kennedy. Why? Because he voted for women's rights. That's why. That's the bottom line of it in my opinion…I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor.”

As a father of two daughters, I’m thinking if “women’s rights” means advancing the ambitions of creeps/perps who abuse/use women like Bill Clinton and Teddy “splash” Kennedy, then it’s quite possible you’re not much of a movement at all.

Trigger warning—male creeps/perps always embrace egalitarian feminism, because it lets them off the hook of having any chivalrous honor/accountability. They always embrace abortion, too, for the same reasons. It’s a chance to erase the most obvious evidence of their act. Although maybe that’s my male privilege speaking again. These days I can never tell.

So are we all clear now on what feminism stands for? It wasn’t long ago that we learned Bruce Jenner and his still intact man parts could be named Woman of the Year. Now we are reminded that a worthy standard bearer of women’s rights can be the guy who is all clammy hands, and thinks ‘no’ means ‘you really want me, don’t you, baby?’.

Sorry, Juanita Broaddrick (and others). Sometimes you have to violate the woman in order to save her. So sayeth Behar the Wise.

Now let’s take a gander at Behar’s intellectual doppelganger over in Germany, the mayor of Cologne. Following a rash of New Year’s Eve sexual assaults committed by a mob of men “of Arab or North African appearance,” Henriette Reker squeezed off this politically-correct turd—women should keep “an arm’s length” between themselves and men that they do not know in order to avoid being raped.

Ah, the old ‘you probably had it coming’ approach. Walking and talking out in public like you belong there as a citizen of your country or something. How wanton, how brazen. Reker says her fellow female citizens were practically goading those alleged “asylum seekers.” The rapists are the real victims now, Inshallah.

Don’t you know, girls, that this burqa-free environment is probably very disorienting for our new imposters…err…I mean guests. Cut them some slack. There can only be so much they can be expected to assimilate to, and your come hither womanliness is incredibly dangerous if viewed within the distance of your tantalizingly-exposed elbow.

Political correctness is like an onion. Both always have another layer to be peeled away, and both end up making you cry.

Because a pagan gonna pagan, and once a pagan detaches gender and justice from the Creator in whose image we are fearfully and wonderfully made, what follows may use the same words. But those words do not mean what you and I think it means.

For example, a recent study shows women who have an abortion are 626 percent more likely to have breast cancer compared to women who completed their pregnancies and delivered a new life into the world. Yet we continue to be browbeaten with the notion that having modern day Mengeles poke and prod a woman’s most sensitive regions, in order to shed the blood of another, is some kind of sacrament.

War on women indeed, but it’s these gals who often have the gun pointed at themselves. Like all aspects of progressivism, its feminist wing comes with heaping portions of fallacy and fraud.

Blessedly, there is still light shining in the darkness. This time its name is Sara Winter which is a pseudonym for Sara Fernanda Giromin. A little more than a year ago, this once radical Brazilian feminist used to engage in topless protests of churches in reverence to the false gods of child sacrifice and the Rainbow Jihad. However, now she has repented following the birth of her child, and is doing what she can to draw other women away from the lies that consumed her for so long.

“I understand I made a huge mistake, and I ask forgiveness from the bottom of my heart,” Winter said. “What I was missing was love (which changed when I became a mother), love that came to me after having reflected a lot on today’s militant feminism.”

Naturally, the Behars of the world haven’t taken too kindly to Winter’s transformation, but her sincere hope is that they will be truly liberated just as she has.

“Feminism has a cure, and I’m the greatest proof of that,” Winter said. “I used to be like that too, but thanks be to God I’ve been healed.”

From her mouth to the View’s ears.

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