What’s At Stake in the 2014 Election

Posted: Oct 04, 2014 12:01 AM

Last week I wrote about why the 2014 election has generated the least amount of energy or buzz of any in my lifetime. Now I’m writing to make the case the 2014 election is far more important than many of us realize.

Sadly, not much remains of our precious constitutional republic. Pandora’s Box has been opened, and the Marxist progressive contagion is spreading. Loss of the rule of law, “too big to fail,” Obamacare, $17 trillion in debt, incentivized immorality, and political correctness are threatening to do what our foreign enemies could not—dismantle American Exceptionalism.

It’s rare in world history for a great nation to recover its virtue once it’s been lost, which is why I ultimately believe we have no hope to recover without revival. Similar to those historic Great Awakenings that gave birth to our liberty in the first place. In the meantime, we pray like it’s up to Him and we fight like it’s up to us.

Our ability to continue that fight with any expectation of winning could be on the line this year, because if the Republicans lose on November 4th all-out amnesty and an unprecedented onslaught against religious liberty/free speech will commence. And those are the only two fronts remaining that allow us to play offense and pushback against Obamaism in the future.

I write this as someone who is as critical and disdainful of the GOP establishment as any conservative commentator out there. However, with the Democrats’ evolution from a liberal party to a Marxist Leftist party now complete, they have proven there is nothing remaining in that party’s leadership that respects and reveres any of our first principles.

Evidence forthcoming.

This week Conservative Review debuted (full disclosure: I’m on the editorial team there), with the intent of holding Washington, D.C. accountable to conservative principles regardless of party. Check out our Liberty Scorecard for Democrats in the House and Senate. The score is calculated on each member’s 50 most important votes on fiscal, social, and defense issues over the last six years from a constitutional conservative perspective. The highest ranking Democrat in the Senate is Sen. Edward Markey, and he’s voted for American Exceptionalism only 18% of the time. No Democrats in the House have voted constitutionally more than 46 percent of the time.

Those paltry scores mean Democrats in Washington no longer just disagree with us on the application of our Constitution, they now oppose the Constitution itself.

Make no mistake, most of the Republican leadership is also pro-amnesty is as well. But our ability to hold their feet to the fire on the issue is the only reason the “gang of 8” scam didn’t happen last year, and we don’t have full-bore amnesty already. True, the Marxist in the White House may just do it via executive fiat regardless of November’s outcome, but there’s a far better chance of undoing amnesty in that scenario then if the lawlessness passes lawfully.

Why is holding the line on amnesty so important? It’s the greatest Democrat Party voter drive of all time. Register millions of more Democrat voters and every issue conservatives and libertarians prioritize is suddenly imperiled. Imagine exporting what’s happened to California post-1986 amnesty exported next to Texas, and then eventually the rest of the country. We won’t be able to win a national election in our lifetimes.

Game. Over.

Furthermore, religious liberty/free speech is the linchpin of our constitutional framework, because the Declaration of Independence articulates the vision that makes a people free: there is a God, our rights come from Him and not government, and therefore government’s only role is to protect/preserve those God-given rights.

Remove religious liberty/free speech from our society, and you remove from the public sphere the institution that equips our culture to acknowledge the God our rights come from. That means government becomes the source of our rights, not man made in the image of God, and what government giveth government can taketh away. Minus acknowledgement of God you have tyranny, because there is no power higher than government to hold government in check.

Good luck negotiating your freedom with a government that wants control. Welcome to human history pretty much everywhere else other than here.

Again, too many Republicans have gone soft on this issue, too. For example, the past two Republican presidential nominees urged Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto a bill that reaffirms the First Amendment earlier this year. But again, there are enough constitutional conservatives remaining in the GOP to hold the Democrats at bay for now, and the Democrats proved post-Hobby Lobby they oppose the First Amendment.

Finally, look at the lawlessness we’ve seen from Obamaism with a Republican-controlled House to (barely) hold him in check. Imagine what we’d see with Democrat control of the legislative branch, and Obama no longer restrained whatsoever by the will of the people. The only reason Obama hasn’t done executive amnesty already is Democrats on the ballot this year urged him not to before the election, out of fear it could create a voter backlash.

Making the feckless Ditch McConnell Senate Majority Leader isn’t a cause for celebration, but it does buy us some time in the hopes that come 2016 a true champion for liberty can be elected to the highest office in the land.