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Every Republican candidate for president should quickly make a household name of a Grimes, Iowa business recently bullied into submission by the Rainbow Jihad.


For the Mennonite crime of telling two homosexuals that they could not get married at their establishment, Gortz Haus Gallery owners Betty and Richard Odgaard have become the latest in a long line of Christians for whom the First Amendment somehow does not count.

Although they originally decided to fight back with a religious discrimination lawsuit of their own, the Odgaards tired of the drama that began in 2013 and in the end were willing to all but sell the farm to make it go away. They decided to sell their waterfront business rather than the pay the mob’s “protection fee.”

They will no longer host any weddings whatsoever in their building which once served as a Lutheran Church, nor will they cater weddings or provide flowers for them in order to avoid future accusations of discrimination. The Odgaards also opened up their wallet to the tune of $5,000 to settle the nonsense “civil rights complaint” they were bum-rushed with.

This begs the question: is there any social force more powerful today than the homosexual temper tantrum?

It can commit an act of theft like this and still get away with justifying its actions in dulcet tones like those used by Donna Red Wing, the executive director of LGBTQABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP advocacy group One Iowa.

Red Wing told the Des Moines Register she was “really sad that their beautiful facility is no longer going to have any weddings at all” and that she respects the Odgaards' religious beliefs.


Right. Fredo Corleone just called and said don’t fall for it. If you read that and found yourself thinking it’s the kind of thing a mob boss says after having just put a horse’s head in your bed, your gay pride parade translator is working just fine.

Red Wing is a thug, pure and simple. Instead of a Tommy Gun, she has a decadent culture and soft-headed legal theory to use as her accomplices. The gutless and feckless politicians who stand on the sidelines while the shakedowns and intimidation take place, though, are common to both eras. I’m sure that’s not a coincidence.

It wasn’t all that long ago, though, that Iowans knew exactly what to do with such thugs. When three of them who went by the name of ‘Iowa Supreme Court judge’ came up for reelection in 2010, voters threw them out of office for attempting to play God and redefine the definition of marriage.

Unfortunately, few of Iowa’s politicians had the courage or the conviction to follow through on that victory. And as the Odgaards go, so goes much of the rest of the country.

Atlanta’s fire chief was fired from his job for writing a book about his Christian faith and, among other things, its orthodox view of marriage. Supreme Court judges in California are now prohibited from holding the office if they are affiliated with the Boy Scouts due to that organization’s stance on homosexuality. And Duck Dynasty was almost kicked off television because its patriarch used colorful language about sex that would earn nothing but laughter if uttered by Jon Stewart.


However, none of those stories has their roots in the place that makes or breaks who will become President of the United States. The first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucuses have picked the last four general election winners, and present an opportunity for God-fearing candidates of Constitutional integrity to make the cause of Gortz Haus Gallery the cause of us all.

By the way, how come the same Rainbow Jihad targeting Christian businesses to acknowledge their “relationship” aren’t demanding Jewish deli owners handle and provide non-Kosher foods for their customers? I’m asking for a friend.

Should the U.S. Supreme Court decide to join in on shaking its fist at God and try to redefine marriage this summer, and Obamacare’s similar assaults on religious freedom not be overturned or repealed, the next president of this country will almost certainly deal with a new phase of anti-religious aggression that could scarcely have been thought possible just a short time ago.

How will your ability to make a living be limited by so-called “tolerance” rules and regulations? What name-calling will you be willing to endure as your children look on? How many corners are you willing to stand in for not reading from the secular script?

This is not a time for the Romneys of the world to refuse acts of solidarity as simple as eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich. Much more than that will be required. A Rainbow Jihad is truly at hand and warriors are needed.


Will the hateful and threatening emails the Odgaards received for defending their faith be the final epithet on this matter, or can a phoenix rise out of these ashes and turn a country back toward fulfilling its rendezvous with destiny as a shining city on a hill?

The Iowa Caucuses are one of the greatest grassroots civic megaphones this country has at its disposal. It just so happens that’s where I live and have unique access to the candidates and the process.

Therefore, I can promise you this: I will use that megaphone to make sure the Republican presidential field will be asked what they know about stories like the Odgaard’s, and what they plan on doing about them if elected.

Refusal to answer will be taken as surrender. Generic talking points answers will be taken as negotiating the terms of surrender. Only specifics will do when your very way of life is at stake.


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