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Go and Do Likewise

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There are dragons—both real and imagined.

A network of sisters who call themselves “Talitha Kum” – taken from the Gospel story about Christ resurrecting a young girl from the dead – are fighting the former with everything they’ve got. These holy and chaste women are rescuing victims of human trafficking by posing as prostitutes in order to enter brothels and free children from the bondage of sex slavery.


There are now more than a 1,000 sisters spread out across roughly 80 countries that have been doing this work since 2004 in the darkest pits of Hell. According to a story published by Reuters, one enslaved prostitute was locked up for a week without food and forced to eat own her feces when she failed to have sex with a dozen men per day. Another was forced to have sex with a group of 10 men at the same time.

Yet out of the darkness comes a great light. No spandex-clad superhero story can top the sisters of Talitha Kum in terms of heroism, fortitude and heeding the call to duty.

Now compare their cause to some of the imaginary dragons that have hatched recently in the United States of the Inner Child. Or some of the actual dragons that have been flat-out ignored in the name of progressive delusion:

  • President Barack Obama’s former top military intelligence official say that the White House ignored reports concerning the rise of ISIS because they ran counter to Obama’s 2012 re-election priorities. Because hope and change. I wonder what he thinks about the recent report that 300 Americans are acting as social media ambassadors for ISIS by spreading propaganda online and making efforts to radicalize new recruits within the United States?
  • While visiting France, Obama reacted to the shooting in Colorado Springs by saying “This just doesn’t happen in other countries.” Except it just did, right there in the France our Marxist president actually uttered those words from. At the hands of Muslim terrorists, and more than 100 Parisians died. But as George Costanza once said: “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”
  • A law student at Ohio State University wrote a pro-life newspaper column titled “The number one killer of black Americans.” Because that’s what abortion is. But when the student subsequently visited school administrators to report a threat directed against her in relation to the column, it turns out she was the one viewed as a danger to society. Three different deans took turns scolding her for her non-sanctioned diversity. Burn her and her micro-aggressive attitude!
  • The New York Times is increasingly using the fake pro-noun “Mx” for persons who do not wish to be labeled with the dead old white men’s scam of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Free at last! I was so sick of all that conservative, patriarchal bias at the Grey Lady. Perhaps liberals can finally have a say there.
  • The leaders of Harvard’s 12 undergraduate residential houses have unanimously agreed to change their title from “Master” because they associate it with slavery. Frankly, I have no idea how they could even sleep at night with such a heavy burden tied around their neck. Now I’ll never think about Master Yoda without being triggered by his white privilege.

Every day that ends in Y is increasingly full of such drivel. And in light of that constant pounding, one other thing about the sisters of Talitha Kum comes into clear focus. No matter how frustrating or frightening or debauched their surroundings might be, those women are the only people I’ve talked about so far who are truly free.

They don’t have the luxury of the lies that now keep American culture tied in knots and its citizens hopping from fake crusade to fake crusade. Who has time for utopian fantasies when child rape is the currency of the day?

And so they march forward in a world of cold, stark truths. But it is truth nonetheless, unplugged from the pagan/progressive matrix that is meant to keep us simultaneously flaccid and furious with total distraction while our life force – the knowledge and appreciation that we are miraculously created in the image of almighty God – is drained from us.

On the other hand, can you image the richness of the prayer life of the sisters of Talitha Kum? Can you begin to comprehend the sense of purpose that greets them with the arrival of each new day? Does anything in your life come close to matching the cosmic gravity of the battle they wage, and the thorns they are willing to bear in their side, to achieve victory for the suffering and the lost?


They may be up to their eyeballs in the worst sort of filth that humanity can dish out, yet their lives put most of us to shame. We are lost. They are found. If our country’s civic discourse had just a fraction of the good, the true, and the beautiful that fuels the lives of the sisters of Talitha Kum, the dragons that now plague us wouldn’t be allowed to have so much wicked fun.

We have likewise been created to be fearless and unrelenting for a time such as this. Unfortunately, we choose the chains of convenience and complacency instead. 

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