Come Now, Let Us Reason Together: An Open Letter to the Pro-Life Movement

Posted: Jan 24, 2015 12:01 AM
Come Now, Let Us Reason Together: An Open Letter to the Pro-Life Movement

For the past several years there has been a divisive tactical debate within our movement that essentially boils down to this question: how much should we compromise what we believe on behalf of political expediency?

I have been an active participant in this debate. In fact, I’ve been on all sides of it over the years as my views have changed. But I must admit that at times my passion for this issue has gotten the better of me, and I haven’t always been respectful of my fellow pro-lifers who disagreed with me. I’ve also been on the receiving end of unfair vitriol as well.

However, if anything good can come from the Republican Party’s latest betrayal of our movement this week, it’s that once and for all they proved this debate is no longer necessary.

See, if the GOP isn’t even willing to give us a symbolic vote (Infanticidist-in-Chief Obama would veto any attempt to save even one baby) to ban a heinous procedure only seven nations on earth still permit, then they were never going to abolish the gruesome practice of shedding innocent blood in the womb once and for all. Especially given the fact we already agreed to water down this symbolic bill by exempting children conceived in rape and incest from legal protection.

We did everything possible to make it as politically expedient as we could to get the largest House Republican Majority since before the Great Depression to advance the top issue in their party platform, and they still betrayed us. The most loyal and substantial voting bloc the GOP has had for a generation. The GOP even appointed someone as its CFO who is a lifelong advocate of killing children, removing the pro-life plank from the party platform, and has supported and given money to pro-killing Democrats like Joe Biden.

Along with all the empty rhetoric and violated pledges, this party has left us. We’re just standing on the lawn watching the car drive down the street.

The music has stopped playing, and we are without a chair. There is now no more incentive for us to divide our movement on behalf of political expediency or the proverbial “seat at the table.”

The political system has proven it has no intention of reciprocating that relationship, despite the fact we’re winning the debate in the culture—especially with the youth. Instead, political leaders are using these babies as a cynical ploy to garner votes from pro-life voters, like the multitude of those who descended upon our nation’s capitol for the annual “March for Life” this week.

There is no pragmatic incrementalism that passes muster with these cowards and/or deceivers, which they proved this week. Years of pleas for such gestures were just rabbit trails devised to distract from the truth—the people running this party are not really pro-life and have no intention of abolishing the evil of this age.

So we have a choice to make.

We can remain on the path to nowhere we’re currently on, where we continue to raise money and urge our supporters to vote en masse for feckless Republicans who will not deliver on their promises. That path is a long-term dead end. It’s easy and perhaps lucrative in the short term, but as more and more of our activists realize they’ve been had they’ll eventually turn on our pro-life organizations who enabled the scam. This could do irreparable harm to our movement and erase the substantial gains we’ve already made.

Or, we can return to first principles: All life is sacred--Always.


End of sentence.

That we have no right to leave even one innocent baby behind to serve a political class that has enabled the murder of 56 million of them. That like the triumph of the civil rights and abolitionist movements, and every other great reform movement, victory comes only from confronting the system from the outside-in. Not the inside-out. Reforming the system “from the inside” only corrupts the reformers who try, for “you can’t pour new wine into old wineskins.”

That we have no interest in further regulating such a grave evil, but our only interest is in ending it forever. Therefore, we will devise strategies, talking points, and activism with that end in mind. We will no longer accept the talking points or premise of the enemy, or compromise the unalienable right to life to accommodate a treacherous political class, but will send the practice of child-killing back to the bowels of Hell from whence it came.

And we will make it so, by God’s grace, in this generation. Because failing another 56 million lives is not an option.

For suggestions on how to do exactly that, I’d humbly suggest clicking here.

Come now, let us reason together. The time has come to set aside our tactical differences and reunite for the principled mission at hand. Given the sorry state of the political system, we pragmatically have no other option anyway.

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