Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell
Robert Mueller’s Unhinged Hunt for the Big Bad Trump
By Shawn Mitchell
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s dogged, boundless, and seemingly endless pursuit of Donald Trump could be a comedy if the stakes ...
August 06, 2018
Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the US Constitution.
By Shawn Mitchell
While we all speculate on how long she might live, let’s speculate a little.Some on the Left barely conceal their ...
July 04, 2018
America’s Sabbath of Valor
By Shawn Mitchell
Most holidays are a blend of recreation and dedicated purpose. If any American holiday should wear that title a little ...
May 28, 2018
The Unshakable Faith of the Anti-Trump Mob
By Shawn Mitchell
It’s scary how unable most people are to reexamine their conclusions once they reach them, even when presented with important ...
May 24, 2018
Why the Railroading and Ransom of Scooter Libby Matters Today
By Shawn Mitchell
The uproar over President Trump’s recent pardon of Scooter Libby likely sent many Americans to the internet to read up ...
April 23, 2018
Hillary’s Back from the Dead; She Should Have Stayed Buried
By Shawn Mitchell
Shocking news. The most fatally flawed presidential candidate in American history was reincarnated last week in India to do an ...
March 15, 2018
Donald Trump Is Sticking it to Putin’s Russia and Making Obama Look Bad
By Shawn Mitchell
Donald Trump Is Sticking it to Putin’s Russia and Making Obama Look Bad Donald Trump will deliver his second State of ...
January 30, 2018
The Irrational, Unshakable Faith of the Collusion Conspiracists
By Shawn Mitchell
It is amazing the degree to which seemingly intelligent people hold an unshakable belief the Trump campaign colluded with Russia ...
December 04, 2017
A Guard Dog, a Ghoulish Clown, a Warrior, and Remembering Sergeant La David Johnson
By Shawn Mitchell
In the sadly contentious matter of remembering Sergeant La David Johnson, the villain turns out to be Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson, ...
October 23, 2017