Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter
Be Thankful (Or Something)
By Derek Hunter
Some years are pretty easy to be thankful for – when things are going well, the country is thriving and ...
November 25, 2021
Leftists Panic, Redouble Effort to Keep Minorities 'In Their Place'
By Derek Hunter
When the leader of your party can only be viewed as popular when compared to the number 2 person in ...
November 23, 2021
Why Do Democrats Love the Post Office So Much? VIP
By Derek Hunter
If you offered me a billion dollars to name you a Postmaster General not named Benjamin Franklin or Louis DeJoy, ...
November 22, 2021
A Special Kind Of Stupid: Media And The Kyle Rittenhouse Case
By Derek Hunter
Remember when the Mueller Report was released? It was a disaster for left-wing media-types who’d spent years assuring their audiences ...
November 21, 2021
The Racist of NBC News
By Derek Hunter
Beauty is only skin deep, but in the case of the NBC News race-baiting host ironically named Joy Reid, every ...
November 18, 2021
Everyone Hates Kamala
By Derek Hunter
Rare is it that I agree with Democrats, but on their assessment of the current Vice President, I am in ...
November 16, 2021
Imagine Being This Horrible VIP
By Derek Hunter
Everyone has seen someone with some sort of tic, something they can’t help themselves from doing. That is understandable compared ...
November 15, 2021
The Lynching of Kyle Rittenhouse
By Derek Hunter
It’s a word you aren’t allowed to say – lynching – because leftists have claimed domain over it, making it ...
November 14, 2021
The End of Common Experiences
By Derek Hunter
A year ago or so, even if you wanted to, you couldn’t escape something called “The Tiger King.” Remember that? ...
November 11, 2021
It’s Different When a Republican Is in Office
By Derek Hunter
It’s one of the old Washington truisms – things are treated differently depending upon the letter after the politician’s name. ...
November 09, 2021
Being Stupid Pays…for Democrats VIP
By Derek Hunter
It has to be a tough time to be a Democrat. Not because their political leaders are generally bad people ...
November 08, 2021
Beware Grifters Bearing Purity Demands
By Derek Hunter
Maybe this happens on the left – I don’t know because I don’t follow their insane inner workings, focusing instead ...
November 07, 2021
Amazon: Your Home for Drug Paraphernalia
By Derek Hunter
Remember when Amazon was pulling books by conservative authors because they’d hurt the feelings of liberals? Someone tucks their package ...
November 04, 2021
How Is Colin Kaepernick Still A Thing?
By Derek Hunter
It’s a mystery for the ages – how a never-was ended up becoming one of the most famous people in ...
November 02, 2021
Never Spike the Ball on the 5-Yard-Line VIP
By Derek Hunter
The finish line for the Virginia gubernatorial election is Tuesday night, not today or even Tuesday morning or afternoon, Tuesday ...
November 01, 2021
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