America: Too Many of You are Morons

Posted: Jan 12, 2015 12:01 AM

Did CNN really just call a black, French terrorist an "African-American"? America, we are going to hell because too many of you are freaking morons.

Saw a picture of a female combat veteran with one leg and a prosthesis reaching high toward her hip where the other leg should be. She's beautiful. She's smiling. She looks confident and competent.

I admire and respect her. I'm humbled by her sacrifice and grateful for her and others like her. I also can't help but wonder if there isn't something not well about a society that sends women into mortal combat.

If you think a caricature of Mohammed is hate speech but a crucifix of Jesus bottled in urine is art that deserves a federal subsidy and Christian theocrats should shut up about it, you might be a liberal.

Last week in Paris, sensitive, masked gunmen shouting "Coexist! Coexist!" mowed down more than a dozen aggressive cartoonists. French civil rights officials say there will be a thorough review of the offensive cartoons.

I suspect some peace loving extremists are being interrogated by French police right now. I'm not feeling bad that France isn't nearly as gentle as America in these things.

The Council on American Islamic Relations has condemned the feared overreaction to next week’s subway bombing.

Gosh I hope there isn't another alleged fraternity gang rape. Because it would be really unfortunate if people overreacted and there was an unfair surge of fraternity hate.

Run Mitt! Run Jeb! Run Chris! Better you divide the clueless vote for the statist status quo!

Hey, Mr. President, free community college sounds cool, but you're kind of a wuss. Why not free gas and groceries?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Obama only wants his free community college scheme to apply to smart students. There's a GPA border fence. Not so smart students? He hates you

Obama is deploying Holder to France? To caution against excess? Oh, dear Gaia.

He really is a Manchurian plant.

Barack Obama, you’ve made a mess of every foreign issue you've inserted yourself into. Please stop creating disasters.

Why is Eric Holder flying to France? You don't speak for me. You don't speak for the majority of Americans. Please, just shut up already.

One problem with calling Islam a religion of peace because only a small portion of Muslims are violent extremists is that a vastly larger portion supports what the "extremists" do in the name of Allah.

I'm a nice guy. I don't generally insult peoples' religion. But when they say they'll kill me for it, I'm not as nice. I'm ideological and belligerent. And I say, in the face of their threats, pee on Muhammed.

Watching PBS Washington Week and just realized, man are liberals embarrassed and hate it when Islamist terrorists do what we all know they wanna do. Just destroys liberals' cushy narrative about us all coexisting. But come on, libs, you have to respect their authenticity.

Watching the News Hour. How can the national media talk with a straight face about violence against people "who mocked the Prophet Mohammed"?

Can you imagine in a hundred lifetimes the media solicitously describing Christian violence against people "who mocked the Savior Jesus"?

Hang it up media. You are clueless pukes hopelessly biased against the people and culture you report to.

National networks report Islamic terror is on the rise. No apparent embarrassment that two years ago they mocked and pilloried Romney for challenging Barack Hussein Obama's claim to the contrary. America, we are occupied by a disloyal, dishonest media regardless of the administration in control.

A delightful feature of Harvard faculty’s shock at being ensnared in Obamacare’s inconvenience and higher costs is its demonstration of the wisdom of William F. Buckley. Recall his famous saw about rather being governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard.

Well, average Americans were always opposed and knew we’d get the shaft from Obamacare. But, those Olympuses on the Charles River are aghast to discover Utopia is not utopian. Karmic schadenfreude.

Breaking: Harvard faculty horrified Social Security deductions to be withheld from their paychecks.

"We thought President Roosevelt had a brilliant plan to take care of the mindless masses! We had no idea we'd be corralled into this horse manure, too!"

At last word, a bonfire protest and recall petition was planned in Harvard square.

NPR News story on the Paris massacre. Studio anchor to reporter: And what can you tell us about this satire magazine? How did it become such a target of Muslim criticism and threats?

Huh? Oh, I see how this works. Let me try it.

John, what can you tell us about freshmen co-eds and sorority sisters? What did they do to become such targets of fraternity members?
John, what can you tell us about young minority males in police altercations?
How did they become such targets of police scrutiny and sometimes violence?

Those are two blame-the-victim questions that would never cross an NPR anchor's lips. Why did the first one?

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