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Brilliant blasts from my Facebook.

Charges against Senator
Bob Menendez but not for IRS witch Lois Lerner.
Why? Pretty clear. Lois Lerner oppressed Americans for the gangster. Bob Menendez dared criticize the gangster's craven Iran deal.


Poignant that on the same weekend, Jews and Christians both are celebrating God's mercy in sparing the lost and doomed.

No, libertarians who insist this clash is not about religion but about property rights. It is very much about religion. People are being persecuted for adhering to their religious faith. (For the record, I'd bake the cake).

The First Amendment expressly protects free exercise. That matters. It needs to be defended.

Maybe some day we can live in a society that respects freedom and property in general. But for now, we have to make the best arguments we have, and "make no law prohibiting free exercise" is a pretty good argument. If judges can read.

Hey, totalitarian bullies, freedom of association includes the freedom not to associate.

It's actually a forced medical retirement for Harry Reid. He gets PTSD every time he walks by the Senate gym and exercise room.

This is a stupid, morbid spectacle. If Iran were willing to forgo its nuclear ambitions, it would ask the world: "What will you give us in exchange?" It would get paid off, and it would agree to a verifiable inspection regime.

The cat and mouse game we are witnessing is the opposite of that. A nation doesn't hold out for thousands of centrifuges, an underground bunker lab, and suddenly refuse to ship its enriched uranium out of the country if it's serious about abandoning its nuclear program. Everybody in the world knows this.


It is humiliating to watch the naked liars Kerry and Obama conduct this farce in the name of the United States of America.

"You can keep your doctor and plan. There's not a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS. Bo Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. This agreement will keep Iran from getting the bomb. Or my name's not Barack 'Joe' Isuzu."

If there were a high stake negotiation upon which my life depended, I can think of few who I would want less than John Kerry to be the face at the table.

Got accused again of flinging Fox talking points. Liberals just can't imagine that people think their own thoughts.

Put down the MSNBC dude, you're drunk.

One of the most toxic, prosperity-stifling notions that ever seduced the minds of fools is that if a person offers his labor or product to his neighbors, he can do it only on the political terms his neighbors have voted to allow.

We have a natural right to labor and to produce for our own gain and survival. Our neighbors shouldn't have a damn to say about it.

There's a lot of jargon to back that and demand, freedom of contract, etc. But the important point is, people have no business telling other people how they can or can't interact. Even if it involves something as scandalous as creating product and wealth.


No, the Left's goal is not tolerance. The Left's goal is a totalitarian march to conformity, that they will call diversity

When Indiana's law passed there were protests. In Indiana. By Indiana businesses and associations. And churches.

Stop and think about what that means. Critics of the Religious Freedom law like to cloak themselves in the moral authority of the Civil Rights movement when laws were reformed to bring an entire race out of the closet of oppression. When opportunity really was denied. When people were separated and shackled by law. When it took brave pioneers at the risk of their lives to challenge the social order.

What is happening today in Indiana has NOTHING to do with that. The media, the culture, the economy, the cool buzz is 100% on the side of the so called victims. Who are actually the oppressors, the bullies, the inquisitors. In the name of protecting "minorities" the government and popular culture are stomping flat some of the last true minorities: religious social conservatives.

What's at stake here is not whether gays can find commercial accommodations. Twenty-nine out of 30 bakers and photographers will gladly take their business and cater to their wedding. What's at stake here is whether everyone in the world has to salute and bow down to new definitions of marriage, family, and social expectations. What's at stake here is whether any freedom of conscience, freedom of choice, freedom of association remains, or it is all defined by the liberal social consensus and the cultural cutting edge. And universally mandatory.


This is not Selma in 1963 and gays are not blacks in the pre-civil rights South. That movement was about real change to real walls. This movement is about symbolism and stomping out dissent. It is about marginalizing, ruining, and making an example of anyone who has doubts about the cultural, sexual, social direction of our society. The doubters are getting crushed big time. The powerful people are winning big time, and they applaud themselves for their courage and compassion. And call themselves victims and champions of victims.


No we're not becoming more inclusive; we're getting more intolerant. It's actually popular. Fight intolerance. Speak up for gluten today.

Fabricating a March 31st deadline for a nuclear deal was an amateur stunt by an amateur negotiator. The fact he WANTS to give Iran a clear path and they are still shaking him down is especially humiliating.

The French-looking Horse Face's baritone announcement that (paraphrase) "We've reached agreement on important concepts and have agreed to continue working toward concrete terms," is a confession of abject failure.

If any Republican, but especially George Bush, were president, the media would be howling their delight at this global American disgrace.

But given their so-cool, pant creased hero is in the dock, they'll cover it all as hopeful progress


Hey Subaru driver, take that baby off the board and put her in a car seat!

I can't believe those Christian fundamentalist Nazis in Indiana passed a bill like one Barack Obama voted for in Illinois and like one Bill Clinton signed in Washington.

The vicious bastards. I know, let's run around with our heads on fire and boycott 20 states with similar laws, and boycott the whole dang USA!!!!!

Alright, listen, hyperventilators. Twenty states have a religious freedom law like Indiana's. Charles Schumer sponsored, Congress passed, and Bill Clinton signed a similar federal law in 1993. Barack Obama supported a similar law in the Illinois state legislature.

Your hysterics over Indiana are ignorant. The media coverage is lazy and dishonest. And the totalitarian left is insatiable. What was common sense and apple pie a few years ago is suddenly an intolerable outrage today. Sheesh. Give them an inch and they'll take your foot.

Bye Harry. Don't let the door hit you in the face on your way out.

Tired of soft-headed justification for Iran's outlaw status and nuclear ambitions along the lines of: "Well, in 1953, the CIA deposed the Prime Minister and installed the Shah."

So what? In 1941, Japan destroyed a good chunk of the US Navy. In 1945, the US nuked Japan. Our nations have sorted things out since then.


Whatever treachery the US engaged in six decades ago does not justify or explain the genesis of Iran's campaign of terror at home, in its region, or wherever Jews may be found in the world.

And, yes, Israel has the bomb and Iran doesn't. But Israel is not sworn to Iran's destruction.

I was kind of worried Barry might get taken by Iran at the poker table. But now that we see how masterfully he played his cards with the Taliban over a known deserter, pretty sure we can just hand him the checkbook in full confidence.


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