Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough
Treason… There, Somebody Said It.
By Kevin McCullough
The actions of the current administration consistently undermine the welfare of the American people, they are endangering American welfare, and ...
September 19, 2021
Yes, Let's Call a 'Sex Strike!'
By Kevin McCullough
You know that old adage, “A stopped clock is correct twice a day?”Well let’s give credit where credit is due, ...
September 05, 2021
Of COURSE You’re A Terrorist!
By Kevin McCullough
In the past month 212,000 illegal aliens have overrun the southern border of the United States.In the past week, the ...
August 15, 2021
Don’t Bash Obama’s Birthday Bash, Demand It!
By Kevin McCullough
This weekend the conservative interwebs went hard after President Obama’s birthday bash in Martha’s Vineyard.All kinds of smarmy snark was ...
August 08, 2021
Fake Science, Fear Porn, and the Fallout
By Kevin McCullough
There are so many simple questions that are being raised around Covid-19 and the supposed need for different policies at ...
August 06, 2021
We Should NOT Comply!
By Kevin McCullough
The administration is literally out of gas.None of their monetary policy (print it out of thing air by the bucket ...
August 01, 2021
Why Charlie Kirk, Seth Dillon, & Matt Walsh Should Stop. Immediately.
By Kevin McCullough
Simone Biles is an American hero.She is not a hero for pulling out of these (likely her last) Olympics.Rather she ...
July 29, 2021
Anti-America: The Week in Review
By Kevin McCullough
While taking the family to the beach this weekend, it was glorious to see so many American flags flying from ...
July 18, 2021
'Kamala's Kinko's Problem'
By Kevin McCullough
You could see it written all over Soledad O’Brien’s face. In her interview with the sitting Vice President she asks ...
July 11, 2021
Why Whoever Is 'Running Biden' Is More Dangerous Than Marx
By Kevin McCullough
Not all ideas are equal. Some have less intrinsic value. Some are downright bad. Some are inherently dangerous.Yet one of ...
June 27, 2021
'I Keep Forgetting That I’m the President.'
By Kevin McCullough
No one knows who is in charge.Have you noticed?The President of Mexico, our literal neighbor, decided a woman who ended ...
June 13, 2021
Taking Guns Out Of Whose Hands?
By Kevin McCullough
You could tell the mayor was clearly flabbergasted.“We’ve worked so hard to get guns out of the hands…”A flummoxed Mayor ...
May 23, 2021
Why Biden Slanders Police
By Kevin McCullough
An old adage goes like this. “Better is the silent man who may prove himself foolish, than the one who ...
May 16, 2021
Why Candace Owens Wants To 'Say Their Names!'
By Kevin McCullough
Raise your hand if you’re fed up with people on social media posting stories on Instagram or tweets on Twitter ...
April 25, 2021
Why Tlaib, Pressley, & Ocasio-Cortez Will Get More Kids Killed
By Kevin McCullough
Following the shooting deaths this week of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, the disproportionate loudmouths in Congress, commonly referred to ...
April 18, 2021
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