Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough
Will Biden Get Bailed Out On, 'She Was 12, & I Was 30?'
By Kevin McCullough
You saw the creepy video right? It muddied up social media feeds all weekend. People that have never expressed a single ...
September 25, 2022
The 2022 Strategy That Stops The Marxist Left Cold
By Kevin McCullough
For about a half second the Republicans running for office in 2022 ran the risk of losing the midterms and ...
September 18, 2022
Why Benito Going Bonkers Backfired
By Kevin McCullough
Did you see Joe Biden crash the 2022 campaign? Like a jetliner that slammed into a mountain, his little “Benito ...
September 04, 2022
No! Biden’s Student Debt 'Relief' Is Not 'Christian Compassion.'
By Kevin McCullough
Since *President Biden announced his plan to allow a large number of people to just rob the American tax-payer, a ...
August 28, 2022
Will He or Won’t He
By Kevin McCullough
In the past three weeks I’m beginning to see a trend that I am quite sure is unhelpful. I also ...
August 07, 2022
They Want To Harm Your Kids
By Kevin McCullough
The cultural Marxists in our nation have a craven desire to mutilate and destroy healthy children. They want to do ...
July 31, 2022
Read The Poll Again Jack
By Kevin McCullough
It’s time for Americans to consider—with great sobriety—what happens to our nation as the eventual removal of *President Biden becomes ...
July 24, 2022
The Stolen Republic
By Kevin McCullough
Why would the seated administration sue a state over a constitutionally verifiable action it takes—especially when 80% or more of ...
July 17, 2022
Why the Left Truly Is Evil, (Not Stupid!)
By Kevin McCullough
In America this minute leftists can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt. They are pushing an agenda ...
July 03, 2022
God, Guns, Babies, Trump!
By Kevin McCullough
It’s an interesting day to wake up in America this morning.The Supreme Court just finished its most historic session since ...
June 26, 2022
The Falling Down—Off Your Stopped Bike—Presidency
By Kevin McCullough
Each Presidency in the modern era has its moment. That specific point in time when history and the future smacking ...
June 19, 2022
Why Democrats Fight For More Carnage
By Kevin McCullough
The democrats following the lead of their *President are advancing an agenda that will kill more children. Their rejection of ...
June 12, 2022
People vs. MEMES
By Kevin McCullough
Have you noticed? The exact minute that the shooting in Uvalde took place the “MEME-ers” came out in full force. Instagram, ...
May 29, 2022
Only Criminals Will Have Guns
By Kevin McCullough
With literally hours to days to go in a landmark federal case before the Supreme Court, a tragic and peculiar ...
May 15, 2022
When the Issue Is Killing Children, What’s a Little Leak?
By Kevin McCullough
There can be little doubt that the shocking, unprecedented leak of a draft opinion of the Supreme Court Monday night ...
May 03, 2022
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