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Hillary Humpty Sat on Her Server

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Hillary Humpty sat on her server
Deleted her secrets and set off a fervor.
All her cheerleaders and all her yes-men
Couldn’t put Hillary’s reputation together again.


Hillary is a dead politician walking. She knows it. She's too tired to fight it. She just hopes inevitable inertia overcomes it

POTUS has decided to make Iran our friend and Israel our enemy. The nation is not with him. These are interesting times.

Two cops shot in Ferguson. Does Obama have anything to say? Or does he only hustle when he can be the master baiter?

The incoherent thing about liberal criticism of Sen. Tom Cotton's letter to Iran as if it were treason, is that the letter amounted to "Screw you, Ayatollah."

47 Senators were not "giving aid and comfort to the enemy." To the absolute contrary, they were trying to block this treasonous president's aid and comfort to the enemy.

A beautiful sunset at a pond in my local open space led to an awkward encounter. Ambling back on the trail from water’s edge, I see two almost teen girls coming the other direction. I look down and away and try to appear as unthreatening as possible.

From the corner of my eye, I recognize. They are neighbors, family friends, and members of our church.
"What are you doing? Checking out the pond?!"
Well, that was nice. Wonder if the world is as messed up as all the news makes us think.

Asking if Obama loves America is racist.
Calling 47 Republican senators treasonous is liberal.

The flaw in our stars is that often, we're too busy to think and talk seriously with people we should value, but not too busy to procrastinate and play and waste the day.


Mary Tyler Moore circa Dick Van Dyke is the most beautiful woman in history. Ginger and Mary Anne are pretenders.

"A couple of weeks ago, it was beyond the pale of decency to ask if Obama loves America, but today it’s fine to call 47 Republican senators traitors."
~Law Professor Glen Reynolds

Mental driving hazard: Do you have a local intersection that usually gives you a left turn arrow, but for some reason, occasionally just shines a straight green light?

Have you ever sat there on red, preoccupied or distracted, and then when green flashed, started your left turn right in front of the oncoming traffic with their own green light, who lay on the horns of shame, because why is this idiot turning in front of them?

Yeah, me neither. Just speculating.

Hillary: I did not have unsafe email with that equipment--Ms. Server-insky.

I remember when dissent was patriotic. Now, liberals are calling it treason. No, Lefties. Republicans telling Iran "You think you got a binding deal? Well our Constitution says, without Senate ratification, you don't" is not treason.

Now, Ted Kennedy writing to Russia saying: "Invite me there so I can coach you on how to roll Reagan in negotiations over your nuclear arsenal" well, that might actually have been treason.

The disingenuous thing about criticizing the 47 Senators' letter to Iran "because the deal isn't even done yet" is the implicit lie that the deal might actually improve and be good for US security interests. The publicized framework is already disastrous for confidence in preventing Iran from getting nukes. And for the entire duration of the talks, the concessions have slid precipitously in exactly one direction: In Iran's favor.
"They're still talking" is not reassuring; it's terrifying. Who knows what lunch money those wily thugs will yet take from this babe in the world's woods?


Government is people controlling people. There really isn't that much we should control each other for. I'm thinking only violence and fraudulent treachery.

Climate "science" is unique in all of science. Its advocates aren't asserting a consensus about what has been observed, tested, and demonstrated; they're asserting a consensus about the accuracy of their computer model predictions. Which have been discredited for about 20 years now.

Wait, what? Why does POTUS think our best ally in the Middle East is the nation that to this day calls us "The Great Satan"?

Who is this guy?

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