Posted: Feb 09, 2015 12:00 AM

I think Olympic decathlon champion to senior citizen transexual might just be the strangest story I've ever heard. Good luck and good grace, Bruce.

Obama wanted Zelaya to be a commie dictator in Honduras.
He wanted to humiliate Poland and appease Putin with his missile defense quick draw withdraw.
He wanted Iran's Mullahs to defeat the student/populace uprising.
He wanted radical Islamists to replace Qaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt.
He hated that Honduras's Congress and Supreme Court and Egypt's military had different ideas from his Marxist vision.
But at least the Mullahs tortured and slew innumerable subjects and saved his bacon in Iran.

Since there is no real media in America, there likely will never be anyone to tell the tale how, at every fork, this monster was for the ugliest oppression In. Every. Fricking. Clash. Under. His. Watch.

Latest poll: Netanyahu extends commanding lead. Obama and his operatives hardest hit. Bite it, First Meddler.

Washington Week Gwen Ifil is about to discuss how Christie and Paul answered staged ambush questions about immunizations.

Why haven't these partisan hacks asked the same question of Obama, Hillary, or Elizabeth Warren? Oh yeah, because they're partisan hacks.

If Americans are cool with a president who stole their health plans while he promised they could keep them, why should they give a fig about a news anchor who tells tall tales about himself? Corrupt celebrities for a decadent populace.

Jordan's King: Badass.
America's President: Pansy-ass.
You know we notice, Barry, you insufferably vain, self-centered creep. Does our mocking contempt eat at you? Good.

Policy aside, Bush was a splendid, gracious, human being, Barry is a disgusting spew of self-worshiping phlegm. No liberal will argue the point with substance.

He honored Mandela with a picture of himself. He honored Neil Armstrong with picture of himself. He honored Rosa Parks with a picture of himself. He honored Sir Edumnd Hillary with a picture of himself.

America, our president is a deranged narcissist.

When it comes to discussion of Islamist atrocities, every weak brained liberal like Barack Obama eventually says: Well, what about the Crusades?!

What about the crusades? I dono. But they were yester-millenia. Today, we are dealing with Jihad. Should we be any more accepting of bombings, burnings, and beheadings today, because once upon a century, Christians were accused of being brutes?

Today, Obama tried to contextualize head hackings and cage burnings by reminding us that in history, ugly things have been done "in the name of Christ."

Won't argue the skewed history with you, Mr. President. I'll accept your premise whole for argument. Here's the problem.

So what? Christianity went through its reformation. The Crusades ended. The Civil Rights movement marginalized the "biblical" segregationists.

And what factors accomplished those things, Mr. President? Clear vision. Honesty in speech. Bold action. Courage. Strength in follow through.

Everything that changed the ills you allude to is everything you are too much of a pusillanimous equivocator--or closet cheerleader-- to try to organize globally or here in America to challenge an extremist threat. I thought community organizing was your forte. But only for Leftist, anti-American ends, it appears.

So what if in decades or centuries past, Christians did ugly, misguided things? They were confronted and challenged. By others and themselves. They changed. What has that got to do today with animal Islamic cruelty?

We are dealing today with barbarous acts of unimaginable medieval savagery. You can't even call it by its name, and you deflect by conjuring old offenses that are universally condemned today.

What a weak, sniveling weasel you are. Either that, or a treacherous, concealed snake who has an agenda that none of us know.

Either way, you are the worst thing to happen to this country in a long, long time.

Fake but real. Brian Williams's story was fake, but his fantasy was real.

Carry on, sir. We'll believe you every night at the desk. As much as we always have, anyway.

Seldom has the vicious partisanship of the national media been clearer than in the orchestrated attacks on Republicans for alleged anti-science vaccination denial. Truth is, that misguided stance is more prominent on the Left than the Right; one the nation's leading anti-vax loudmouths is Robert Kennedy Jr; and the bland statements by Paul and Christie are virtually identical to Obama's own recent statements on the matter.

It is a partisan story manufactured by partisan liars posing as journalists.

These presstitutes mean to wage war against Republicans, and they don't mind waging war on the truth and journalistic ethics to do it.

Question: How does opposition to childhood vaccinations--which is more prevalent in the trendy, affluent Left than in the conservative Right--become a problem theme for GOP presidential candidates?

Answer: The corrupt, Democrat Spokes-Apparatus national media decides to track, troll, and paint it that way.

For good or ill, George Bush won the war in Iraq. Barack Obama deliberately withdrew all US influence and created the vacuum for this evil of beheading, crucifying, and roasting human beings. He ran for reelection boasting about his achievement. But in his last State of the Union, he said we need a declaration from Congress to go back to Iraq and fight this evil.

If America's media weren't controlled by treasonous bastards who would sooner eat glass than attack a Democrat president, we might hear about this sickening failure of leadership until Obama was as unpopular as LBJ when he decided he couldn't run for re-election.

Alas, the whole lot of ABC NBC CBS CNN PBS NYT LAT WASHPO are corrupt presstitutes.

Let's see. In recent days, the national media has served up dishes on Jeb Bush's pot smoking and student bullying, Rand Paul's battle with the Kentucky Medical Barrier to Entry Board, and Scott Walker's lack of a college degree.

Have the presstitutes been digging up any dirt to toss at Hillary? No? Color me shocked! I hope the DNC at least buys them dinner and drinks and kisses them once in a while.

The old Congress passed Obama's proposed budget for 2015. Now, he says he will not sign a 2016 budget that does not increase spending. His threatened veto makes him the author of a government shut down. Call his bluff, Boehner and McConnell, if your equipment managers haven't deflated your balls.