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It’s scary how unable most people are to reexamine their conclusions once they reach them, even when presented with important new information. Take the people who are sure Trump is dirty with Russia, and that government officials could not possibly have manufactured the story.

Consider all that has come out in recent months, all that we didn't know in the early, heady days of the Search for Red Collusion. Two main FBI players on the case, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page didn’t just favor Clinton, they hated Trump’s guts. Even then, Strzok said of Russia he didn’t think there was any “big there, there.

The main hit on Trump, a scandalous dossier featuring sketchy political allegations and kinky Moscow sexcapades was commissioned and funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr fed the dossier to the FBI without telling anyone that his wife recently landed on the payroll of the dossier’s purveyor, Fusion GPS. When his superiors learned that, Ohr’s scheduled testimony to Congress about the investigation was cancelled and he was demoted.

The FBI tried to get a FISA warrant from the FISC, relying on the dossier, and was rejected. Trump hater extraordinaire Strzok with his squeeze Paige planned a small dinner with his personal friend, Rudolph Contreras, one of the judges on the FISC . Whether the dinner took place or not, the next application for a spy warrant was granted.

As a bonus, Judge Contreras is the same judge who presided over Robert Mueller’s prosecution of former National Security Security Advisor Michael Flynn, and accepted Flynn’s guilty plea. Before Flynn’s sentencing, Contreras was abruptly and mysteriously removed from the case. The new Judge, Emmit G. Sullivan delayed Flynn’s sentencing and ordered Mueller to hand over to Flynn all exculpatory evidence in his possession. Sullivan took a further extraordinary step. In case of doubt whether evidence might be helpful to Flynn, he ordered Mueller to submit it to the judge for his personal review.

Meanwhile, it is reported the FBI agents (including Strozk) who interviewed Flynn did not believe he had been deceptive in the interview. They did not intend to pursue him and James Comey had advised Congress of that fact. The reversal and decision to charge Flynn came from higher up the food chain at DOJ.

National media didn’t report on the sensational dossier compiled under murky circumstances until after James Comey arranged to brief the president on its salacious uncomfirmed allegations. The briefing was promptly leaked to the press. Then with the suitable news hook of a presidential briefing, the media was off to the races like a pack of yapping jackals.

Comey engineered the appointment of a Special Counsel by dictating memos to himself about his meetings with the president. After he was fired for cause on the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he leaked the memos—records and property of the U.S. government--to the press.

Robert Mueller was tasked to hunt Russia collusion but has gone off on wild elephant chase, including decades old lobbying registration violations and creatively charged bank fraud issues, also over a decade old. The judge in that case was pointedly skeptical of Mueller’s logic and authority to pursue old issues unrelated to the Trump campaign.

Mueller’s indictment of a bunch of actual Russians turns out to be a PR stunt which is blowing up in his face in federal court. To Mueller’s shock, one of the corporate defendants actually hired counsel and showed up in court to defend against the indictment. An embarrassed Mueller aide had to ask the court for an extension of time to prepare for the case, which the judge denied.

Somewhere along the way, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a key player in both the Clinton and Trump probes, was caught leaking to the press and lying about it to investigators. He was sacked, to the outrage of the media.

Through these developments, Intelligence Director James Clapper testified there was no spying or surveillance of the Trump campaign. If there were, he would know. But in fact, the FBI had contracted with a mole to infiltrate the Trump campaign. The Bureau hid it and denied spying for months and years. Now, with the IG report about to come out, suddenly Democrat servile organs like the New York Times and Washington Post are reporting friendly leaked stories explaining the noble purposes for which, yes, the FBI did spy on the campaign.

The FBI and media are crying crocodile tears that someone has outed their James Bond who now probably has to enter the witness protection program, because Hillary is really mad he didn’t deliver the goods and he might accidentally commit suicide. Seriously, the Bureau and the media are pretending that exposing retired professor Stefan Halper somehow puts his life at risk and endangers national security. Meanwhile, James “No spying” Clapper now brazenly says: If the FBI was spying, that’s a good thing.

As the Big Scary Bear seems to be slipping from the gun sights, suddenly someone is feeding media leaks about campaign meetings with Arabs. A-RABS!!! And the souls deranged by Trump see this not as an admission of failure, as lawless mission-creep in search of a reason, any reason to overturn the election, but as confirmation of their darkest concerns. Arabs, too? My word, who didn’t this criminal sell America to?

Their faith is religious. No revelation casts doubt. No development raises questions. Every exposed disgrace of government operators is explained away and the conviction continues to burn bright. Trump is dirty with Russia. Or some other way. He’s dirty.

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