To Quote Obama, Mr Brokaw: Elections Have Consequences

Posted: Dec 01, 2014 12:01 AM

Counting blessings. I was so Thankful last Thursday I don't have food allergies and my only eating disorder is gluttony.

Ferguson protesters' slogan: "Hands up! Don't shoot!" What a farce driven by fraudsters. In the awful and tragic events that unfolded three months ago, if Michael Brown had actually done that, he'd be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with his family. Sick and outraged at race hustlers and media big mouths superimposing fiction on top of tragedy to drive a false narrative and divide Americans.

The Left loathed Bush because, ostensibly, they hated his two Middle East wars. I loathe Obama because I hate his innumerable wars on everything I recognize about America. Free speech and political activism without the IRS breathing fire on you. Border integrity. Economic freedom. Energy development. Military strength and readiness. Alliances with trusted friends (add Australia to his latest deliberate friend snub). Defiance of public opinion in a landmark election.

The Left is apoplectic when we say Obama hates 'Murica. But I challenge any liberal to explain how a president that DOES hate America could do more damage than this reprobate is doing.

Watched the National Dog Show. Best in Show is a strange concept. How do you decide Titus is a better Rottweiler than Pepe is a Chihuahua than Pierre is a Poodle?

It's like saying Bob is a better pole vaulter than the Broncos are a football team than the Cubs are a baseball team.

Just watched Megyn Kelly for the first time. She pretty much rocks. It's like watching a national big mouth say everything I want to post on FB.

I had zero desire to shop Thanksgiving night or Black Friday. But it did sound kind of fun to run through mall stores trying to slap and tear prizes out of peoples' hands.

Obama's big speech after his executive orders was at a high school? Really? Are college students catching on to him? Not hard with such dishonest drivel: "Let's be honest! Tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions of immigrants is not realistic!" Cheers from the students.

Listen, you deceiving disgrace, the choice is not between your amnesty or dragnets. Your critics aren’t proposing mass raids and deportations. You know that, but maybe your naive high school audience doesn't. You pose a false choice. For example, there are a lot of unidentified criminals out there, but that doesn't mean that we either need an executive re-write of criminal law or a door to door search to find all unapprehended criminals.

The law does the best it can. The existence of violators does not prove the law is broken or justify an executive re-write of the law. We just muddle forward.

Obama urges compromise: "Republicans, give me what I want!"

After the media takes down Bill Cosby, wonder if they'll remember Juanita Broderic, Paula Jones and others and find the spark of shame to give Bill Clinton what he deserves?

Pretty sure the ISIS beheadings are just desert place violence and global warming is to blame.

Obama’s legacy will be he did as much damage to the Constitutional fabric as was within his power. Our legacy must be that with our votes and voices, we limit and repair the damage. It's still possible.

Two kinds of Americans: Those who understand they are so blessed because the Founders created a different kind of nation, and those who don't have a clue what the difference might be.

The bitterest irony of Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare’s chief architect, boasting about Whitehouse lies and stupid voters as reasons Obamacare passed is that he’s exactly wrong. The majority wasn’t deceived. They were and are opposed to the law. We all knew the president and his henchmen and his media guard were lying through their teeth.

The law didn’t pass because voters assented. It passed because Obama rammed it through by vicious and lawless means. No, you didn’t prevail because you were so clever. You prevailed because your allies cheated and rammed something down the throats of Americans who were not fooled. They were and remain bitterly opposed.

I don't know if I have any liberal friends left who see my posts. But if any of you see the trickle of Gruber videos--ya know, the chief architect of Obamacare--then you know how insidiously dishonest the whole push to pass this monstrosity was. I bitterly resent your values and beliefs. They doubled my family's insurance costs.

Jonathon Gruber has more tongue slips than teenagers at the drive-in.

As the season turns colder, I’m grateful for the fossil fuels keeping us warm. Wish liberals would stop doing everything they can to make energy more expensive and less available.

Curmudgeon: Someone old enough to see how redundant and ignorant most public debate is. Guilty.

Part of the difficulty--my difficulty, anyway--in resisting bitterness in political debate, is recognition of the hideous double standard, how tilted the media's coverage is.

Let a Republican step slightly on the boundary line of any current piety of the sensitivity priesthood, like something as trivial mentioning a cliché link between ethnicity and cuisine--oh, the oppression!!-and the commentariat will go bat guano speculating whether the offender just wants to wants to restore internment camps, or whether the monster is full on genocidal.

But let any Democrat say far more offensive things--Barack Obama has "no negro dialect", huh, Harry Reid? He's "clean and articulate," huh, Joe Biden? And how are all those Indian gas station owners in New Jersey, Joe?--and silence. You have to stalk conservative internet to even hear it happened.

The curs do not bark straight. They seek Republican blood every time. It gets tiring. So, you adopt a cynical, defensive crouch. It's a mine field for one side. It's a free ride for the other.

Well, Americans finally got sick of abusive, incompetent big government. They fired Democrats, and gave Republicans our next audition. But the media is circling, waiting, for their next chance to shed faux blood.

"What compromises will Republicans give Democrats?" demands old Lion, Tom Brokaw. No, Mr. Brokaw, in this moment, after this vote, the right question is: "Mr. President, what compromises will you give Republicans?"