The Creepiest Public Era Ever

Posted: Dec 22, 2014 12:01 AM

Please enjoy these observations and rants from my Facebook. I believe they ruffled mostly the right feathers.

A. President gets humiliated and repudiated by voters rejecting his agenda at the polls.

B. He pretends it didn’t happen.

C. He starts making up all kinds of stuff he doesn’t have the authority to do, like: i. a re-write of immigration law; ii an assault on fossil fuel; iii deals with China, Cuba, et al.

D. Congressional Republicans are terrified to boldly confront him; they even pass the budget he wants them to.

E. The media starts slavishly and predictably praising the president’s amazing comeback even though the public is opposed to or mixed on all his unilateral initiatives.

F. Crazy world we live in. Crazy.

Congress is afraid to confront the president that offended America enough to cause voters to reconfigure Congress. Sony is afraid to defy a tiny prison camp nation that paid hackers to undress Sony. Networks are afraid to honestly report on the administration that employs their spouses, lovers, brothers and friends.
Employers are afraid to speak up against he administration that is choking them.
This is a creepier, uglier public era than even the 70s.

Never in history has a president so disregarded and defied a plain rebuke by the American people. He disrespects us. Should we respect him? Isn't that a definition of tyranny?

Live presidential press conference. Oh, please, is there not one member of the press to ask something like: "Mr. President, you frequently urge the Republicans in Congress to compromise. But, is there any compromise or move in their direction that you are willing to offer? Isn't compromise a mutual proposition?"

Obama’s legacy is this: He never gave an inch of compromise to his Republican opposition; he never asked an inch of compromise from America's enemies.

Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt disdained the Constitution and Bill of Rights before Barack Obama did. Progressives want to rule. They hate that stuff about separated and limited powers, consent of the governed and protected rights.

There's a contest for my favorite senator. But Trey Gowdy is my favorite rep without contest.

Setting aside the reach of his executive power, on the merits, I confess to ambivalence and maybe support for Obama's move to regularize relations with Cuba. What have 50 years of isolation and boycott done for us or for oppressed Cubans? Is Castro's evil grip any looser? Are there fewer political prisoners as a result of US shunning them? Is there a chance that engagement and exchange, travel and tourism will inform and enlighten more Cubans than we've seen as a result of putting a big western wall around them?

There’s too much imprecision in this debate. Appeasement is when you give up something of value to the opponent hoping the opponent will make nice. But, if our sanctions are not rational or effective, then they aren't something valuable to surrender. How exactly, are we "appeasing" Cuba, by giving up a 5 decade unsuccessful effort to quarantine it? We aren't paying ransom. We aren't offering foreign aid. We're just saying: okay, we'll notice you're a nation.

To the critics, please explain why Cuba should be the exception. We recognize, trade with, and allow travel to and from a lot of monstrously governed countries: Russia; China; Arab nations; African nations.What principle requires us to restrict the freedom of Americans and American companies to deal with Cuba as they choose? And why just Cuba?

I'm at the computer. My cat extends her claws when she paws and kneads me. I'm starting to like it. 50 shades of cat.

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper was caught on video recently saying Americans aren’t able to educate their children well. Hey, Gov, check the record. Ya know... spelling bees, SAT scores, stuff like that. You are full of nonsense.

On a personal note, my wife Yvette didn't graduate from college. But at different times for different reasons, she home schooled five of our seven children. One of them graduated from Colorado State University in three years and went on to UCLA Law School. One of them was a HS valedictorian and then graduated while competing in D-1 college athletics with both a bachelors and masters degree. They owe their head start to their amazing mom.

Hey John, you are an arrogant twit who perfectly embodies liberal presumption to denigrate and control others.

Hey Republicans, what about New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez? By the way, obviously I’m floating a female Latina presidential candidate because I'm a racist, sexist Republican.

News Hour quotes the Dissembler in Chief urging Republicans to compromise. He is shameless. No liberal can cite substantive compromises Obama ever offered his political opponents. He's a phony and a hypocrite.

In the spirit of "I am Spartacus!" I think we all should post mocking things about North Korea. I'll start. Their boy dictator looks like the eager Scout in Up.

A thought: Sony might have been fearful mostly of millions or billions in liability if there were some large attack, and, knowing the threat, it had released the movie anyway. That's a consideration. It's a pretty insane legal system if a judge and jury can decide after the fact to hold a movie maker liable for third party terrorist acts.

Great point by Powerline blogger John Hinderaker. Contrary to Josh Earnest and the Obama White House, the response to North Korea's aggressions should not be "proportionate" it should be effectively deterrent. What would be proportionate, anyway, sabotaging part of North Korea's film industry?

A response to an aggression should be strong enough to discourage further aggressions. I think this idea captures the unseriousness, too, of Israel's critics who assert its response to mostly ineffectual rocket strikes should be proportional. What, IDF should program its missiles to miss their targets? Balderdash.The objective is to impose enough cost to stop the attack.

News Hour. Judy Woodruff on the Sony Nork fiasco: "Should there be limits on criticism and political satire?"

Gads, the Left is showing its face. Like hushing up the Mohammed Cartoons, Leftists would rather censor Americans than stand up to bullies.

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