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Give Obama Credit for Lower Gas Prices?

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Barack Obama and every liberal in the known universe 5-10 years ago: Why expand drilling? You can't drill your way to lower energy costs. We need to develop new energies instead!


Every liberal today: Why don't conservatives give the president credit for lower gas prices?

Wow. Black Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke to activists: If black lives really mattered, you'd be protesting abortion, not cops.

Wow again. He could have added urban violence.

Mitch McConnell says: “The American people want things done in the political center." What unagile dolts McConnell and Boehner are! Obama runs rhetorical circles around them and cautious corporatists like Romney.

No, Timid Mitch! That sounds like a notch of a couple degrees. You damn well better be aiming for bigger changes. And there is appealing vocabulary to describe it!

The American people want things done that benefit average people and not connected power brokers. They want things done that help average Americans instead of empowering political professionals. They want things that expand opportunity instead of control. They want things that empower consumers instead of corporate lobbyists seeking government protected market-share.

Don't you have an ounce of verbal imagination? "The political center" is defined by Old Media which defines socialism as mainstream and conservatism/liberty leaning as darwinian/fascist fringe.

Don't accept their map. use the adjectives that describe what Americans--who just rejected this government by a landslide--really want.

Use original thinking and fresh vocabulary!

Timid Mitch and Big Budget Boehner, you have a short leash. Show us something that actually reduces government's boot on us. Else you have no idea how many will reject the GOP and try something else.


Hey, Hollywood, Exodus not only didn't make it to the box office Promised Land, it barely made it past opening Egypt. Why don't you creeps quit pretending to make bible stories until someone is willing to make a film that respects believers' sensibilities?

Is that a hard concept to grasp? Or would you rather keep wasting your money on cultural snobbery?

It's dumb to cite Arizona's recent snows as evidence against global warming. But why do the warmalarmists get to cite every storm, tornado, hurricane, drought, or unusual snowfall as evidence of "climate change"?

Did the world never have weather before? Those SOBs play with a stacked deck.

Ronald Reagan was a rhetorical genius. He was smarter than you and I. He could articulate plain wisdom in simple language that left liberals and the press (but I repeat myself) writhing in frustration with no rebuttal but to call him stupid.

And he didn't mind being called stupid. Played to his advantage. He was a genius.

NFL playoffs. Sometimes when you see the slow-mo replay of the pigskin threading the needle through a mob of defenders, and comfortably grabbed at a velocity that would knock most of us down, it's hard to fathom the skill and precision of pro football players.

People, usually liberals, insist that if science has spoken, then everyone should bow and the law should conform. That's nonsense. Science provides information. It does not resolve value judgments.

Consider. If science could tell us that a universal 25 mph speed limit would reduce traffic fatalities to zero, does that compel us to adopt a 25 mph speed limit?


No? Why not, you heartless SOB? Do you want to kill children?!

Well no you don’t. Life has tradeoffs. Apart from the incalculable convenience and standard of living of millions every day from moving faster than 25 mph, there are also some ambulance and transplant scenarios where a 25 mph limit might literally kill people.

Point being, science doesn't dictate anything. It gives information about a range of tradeoffs. People and their elected representatives decide how to address and resolve those tradeoffs.

By the way, libs, science tells us quite a bit about the development, brainwaves, pain sensation, unique attributes, etc of embryos. But you all are science deniers

Obama is winning big. Every bad thing he's forced--every one--is sticking and will probably stay.

His opposition lacks the constitutional knowledge, the gut freedom reaction to fight and persevere, the rhetorical skills to engage, or the guts to weather blistering media criticism in order to do a damn thing about anything.

The transformation is sinking roots.

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