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Breaking: Obama Outraged that Israel Reelected a Pro-American Prime Minister.

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Let’s face it: Most of today’s news can be broken down to simple Facebook analysis:

Okay, this was pretty cool. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is in the arena at the Kansas v. Wichita State game. The camera hit him. His sweatshirt has a big logo of both schools. Pretty classy I think. The crowd booed him. He broke into a big smile, I presume accepting the sport tradition of booing any politician spotlighted at a game


Why was it ever against the rules to dunk in college basketball? The human impulse to regulate and control is a bizarre and malignant phenomenon.

"Hey! Let's make a rule!"

Voting should be mandatory says the guy who voted "present" on 129 tough calls in Illinois.

Just today, Khamenei called for death to America. What better bff could an America-hating president have in the Middle East?

PBS News Hour story on proposed fracking regulations: "Most fracking takes place on private lands, rather than federal property." Wow. Could that be a backhanded admission that Obama lied through his teeth in the '12 campaign when he tried to claim credit for increased energy production? And is there anyone in the presstitute media to "fact check" his BS?

Conservatives should stop freaking out about Obama suggesting mandatory voting. Ain't gonna happen in this Congress, so, there are better places to spend our energy...on fights that might make a difference, i.e., policy disputes with an uncertain outcome. He is just an expert at exploding our heads.

Puzzled. HBO used to show Hollywood movies. MTV and VH1 used to show music videos. They all migrated to creating original content. Why? Is there not a safe, cheap business model in just replaying things a predictable audience enjoys watching?

If the Grey Lady is suddenly covering Monica Lewinsky with TLC, the establishment has thrown in against Hillary. Beware of who comes next.


Hillary is the IBM of politics. They both have a lengthy history, they both still exist, but no one's quite sure why or what they offer.

Be afraid. If Obama is torpedoing Hillary, what's his Plan A?

All the angry divided response to Netanyahu amounts to this question: Do you believe his Muslim neighbors want peace, or are they vowed to the extermination of Jews.

Breaking: Obama outraged that Israel reelected a pro-American prime minister.

The problem with allowing Iowa a near biblical claim to be the first GOP caucus is that it virtually ensures GOP presidential candidates endorse agricultural subsidies. What a stupid system. The supposed party of free markets arm-twists its candidates to endorse market intervention and corporate welfare.

Or maybe, a promising candidate could standout by blowing the whistle and making Iowa less important: "No. I don't support government planning of the economy. So, don't look for me to do very well in Iowa. But hey, GOP, watch how I do in the follow-up primaries."

PBS: Netanyahu ran a divisive race. You unselfaware presstitutes. Did any media Bigfoot say Obama ran a divisive race? Go to hell all of you.

More PBS. Yellowstone's dormant volcano will kill us all. The western US will be buried. The smoke and ash will block the sun globally. Millions will freeze and starve. Okay. So will you freaks quit trying to outlaw affordable energy in the meantime?


More PBS. David Attenborrough is insisting that humanity plagues the globe. All of nature is worse for our existence. Why can't we all just die?

Hey, remember when Egypt's Anwar Sadat tried to make peace with Israel and then the Muslim Brotherhood killed him?

My nomination for the world's most courageous leaders:
#1 Egypt's al Sisi.
#2 Israel's Netenyahu.
(Sorry, Bibi, you have Special Forces that you don't have to worry are about to assassinate you for your bold speech toward reform).
Have no idea who # 3 is.

My gosh these are creepy times. I just mention Berkeley in a recent post, and now my newsfeed is filled with solicitations from UC Berkeley. Hey, California commies, NO!! Not if you were the last university on earth.

PS: Friends, we need to find a way to break the Big Ed cartel's insistence that a degree is the only way. It starts with employers who are willing to think outside the box.

It’s most entertaining to watch Obama's sycophant media choir--the same song girls who swooned to his reelection over Romney based on themes like "He's not one of us" "He hates working people" "He tortures dogs" "He fires workers with cancer"--now stroke their chins in grave disapproval of Netanyahu's dominant reelection because it was "divisive" "racist" "insulting" "scorched earth". Hahahahaha. Ha.

Bibi, please disregard the petulant, malevolent child that so embarrasses us. America congratulates you on your historic victory.


Does the EPA really wanna regulate backyard barbecues and hotel shower times, or are these just planted leaks because he is looking for ways to make our heads explode? Again. I hate these times. Like living in a political pinball machine.

Venezuela used to be a real country. Man, does leftism suck.

Why does wicking draw liquid upward against gravity? Thus making candles and lanterns a saving light? Why does cold make things shrink, except when water freezes and then expands, so ice floats, so it can melt in the sun, saving us from every cool body of water being a permanent ice rink? Why are conditions here just miraculous enough to sustain life? Man, what a lucky roll of the dice we billions have scored.

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