Media More Commie than Obama

Posted: Nov 03, 2014 12:01 AM

Ugh. It's bad enough to be up at 6 on Sunday. But that awkward moment when you realize it's really 5 am… Sleep, sleep, wherefore art thou, sleep?

George Bush was light-years more competent, deliberative, and well-advised than this Chicago street hustler. (Hey, haters, how many nations lent boots to Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how many will stick their head above the log for World Citizen Barry in Syria, ISIS or anywhere? What??!! The world must be RACIST!!!)

Barack Obama has shafted American fortunes, prospects, well being, and hope for the future more than Liberals ever imagined Bush did.

The only thing that stands between us and a 70-30 Senate is a major media and online media complex that is even more commie than Barack dares to be on his most ambitious days, and that feeds denial and nonsense to the gullible, 24/7.

The divide is wide. It could be bridged if elections feel fair. But if they defy empirical sentiment and seem rigged, then sooner than later, there will be blood.

Don't blame me. Jefferson said it a long time ago, but what does that Tea Party kook know?

Wait, what? A "senior administration official" actually called Benjamin Netanyahu "a chickenshit"? Compared to our pot smoking Urban Agitator? At the same age, Bibi was IDF Special Forces. He faced dudes who meant to kill him and all his Tribe.

Gaia, these must be the end times. The rhetoric alone is apocalyptically stupid. I can't bear what our nation has become. You can't leave soon enough, you jerk. May history erase your footprints promptly.

"The biggest difference between Bush and Obama is that Bush loves America."

Stolen from Facebook friend Valarie Murphy.

I've eliminated a lot of invective from my posts, but these touchy D socialists just keep unfriending me. I hope Tuesday turns out like their surly mood suggests it will.

In Colorado, Mark Udall supporters' closing pitch is an ad that says Cory Gardner [who proposes women should be able to buy the pill over the counter instead of needing permission from their doctor] actually wants to ban birth control. And that will create a shortage of condoms.

My stars, that wouldn't even get published in the Onion. What utter contempt liberals must hold for the intelligence of their voting base.

What has long been missing from the smug liberal critique is an explanation how Bush's deficit spending supposedly lit the world on fire while Obama went on to run much deeper deficits for years. If deficit spending were the problem, we should be at the bottom of the ocean by now. But coherence is not liberals’ strong suite.

2008 wasn't a deficit crash. It was a credit/real estate crash. And it had Carter/Clinton fingerprints, not Bush fingerprints, on it

Keep calm. We can recover from a president bearing malice for our nation.
Panic. We can't recover from a nation of morons who elected him twice.

There's a cat sitting on my lap. Scientists debate whether "They like us! They really like us!" or whether they just use us for food and warmth. I don't care, kitty, your cuddles are good enough for me.

Huh. I used a term in a web debate tonight--"We are Chinese cursed" and I wasn't very worried about cries of racism. I guess that's because Chinese culture here in America is more interested in pursuing success than in fabricating grievance.

The national media made Texas Abortion Barbie a sensation for her filibuster on behalf of late term killing of fetuses. Now that she is a spectacularly plummeting disgrace, they conveniently forget she exists.

They are on to swarming or ignoring other things, depending on whether coverage helps the Democrats or abortion without limits.

In this age when Leftism shows its totalitarian face, when there is no doubt they would put any one of us in jail if they could, I cannot fathom the preening, indulgent purity of the people who brag they will not vote for imperfect Republicans.

For all its flaws, social media does make it much harder for the Left to hide their lies and distortions. That's a good thing.

He said he'd lower our rates by $2,500. He raised them by more.

He said we could keep our doctors and plans. He forced them to be cancelled.

He said he wants to cover all Americans. He raised the level by a decimal point or two.

This man is an enemy. Why do we tolerate him?

Americans who have a brain will vote out every lickspittle who supports his agenda to ruin America.

Hillary on Friday: “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs!”

Hillary on Monday: “I short-handed this point the other day, so let me be absolutely clear about what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades. Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs.”

I don't comprehend the libertarians that condemn Reagan. Did anyone ever push boundaries harder than that great man? If you aren't satisfied with Reagan’s efforts, then just procure your dynamite and get on with it.

Ya know what, LibertZealots? I don't mind your fervor. I love your fervor. Come join the fight. Lets win some hearts and minds.

But here's what I do mind: your facile condemnation of candidates and electeds who are in the arena and who don't meet your purity test.

Is the answer so obvious? Good! Then run for office! Try your message out with your neighbors and fellow citizens. Get on the stump. Spread the word and get elected!

Do your neighbors buy?

Or shut up and enlist in the hard work of informing your neighbors. Sick of your futile condemnation. Help change the playing field or quit already with criticizing the players.

If anyone kills or tries to kill one of the Koch brothers, will our media blame it on a "climate of hate" fanned by every Democrat from Harry Reid down to the local council member?

Or is that just an unhinged theory for when an apolitical psycho shoots an Arizona Congresswoman who didn't answer his emails and the whore media wants to blame Sarah Palin for "targeting" the district?

If there were one Sharyl Atkisson in the current national media, there would be cutting edge stories about how all of insured America is getting screwed with much higher rates and unbearable deductibles to fund bureaucracy, crony insurance companies, and a few lucky beneficiaries of Obamafraud. Obama lied. Our insurance died.