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RIP the Rule of Law in the USA

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The White House: the Taliban isn't a terrorist group, just a local insurgency. Sure the Taliban are simply insurgents in exactly the same way the Fort Hood massacre was simply workplace violence. Obama's entire world view depends on word lies of Orwellian scale in order to sustain the fiction with a semblance of a straight face. And still the media and his crazies bow and grovel.


POTUS nominated a US AG who says everyone living here, legal or not, has a legal right to work here. That Constitutional conservative Orrin Hatch says he'll be a "strong supporter" of Loretta Lynch's nomination. Can you imagine a safer conservative seat than Republican Senator from Utah? Can you imagine a bigger waste than for that seat to slobber for Holder in a dress?

RIP the Rule of Law in the USA. God bless and help our survival under the new overlords who just make it all up. Maybe we should burn the Constitution and just replace it with a Hallmark card: "Let Justice be Done" and the Supreme Court can tell us what "justice" is.

I say let the punishment fit the crime. New England should have to play the big game with medically deflated balls.

I'd like the Patriots better if their name had a footnote: *Playing in the land of the Socialists. Of course, Seattle might compete for that title.

McDonalds cheeseburger with jalapenos. Best buck thirty five you can spend on fast food.

With Romney out, the establishment turns its lonely eyes to Jeb Bush. Liberty activists must not let the establishment feel lonely. We must do all we can to get Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich into the race. Heck, maybe John McCain, too.


It's somewhere between surreal and sickening that Barack Obama crows and claims credit for lower gas prices, even as his administration does all within its power to strangle the petroleum industry. And that there isn't a real media to mock this hypocrisy.

Beat procrastination…tomorrow!

Why does the fattest, richest society earth has ever known have the highest level of welfare dependency on government America has ever known, while the President and media brag that the economy is back on track and happy days are here again? Because Obama's transformation is deliberate, stealthy, and successful.

In the Obama economy, booming inequality is not a bug, it's a feature. He is deliberately engineering greater dependency on government redistribution. It is central to his transformative vision.

That northeast snow was going to be a historic monster storm because of global warming. But global warming is so powerful, it calmed the monster storm. Global warming is omnipotent and amazing.

Forget the NSA. The real privacy outrage is old school Levi’s leather labels. Should you really be able to read a guy or gal's critical measurements right there on their butt?


America is a center right country occupied by a mostly left media that corruptly frames most public dialogue and produces center left electoral votes.

"Netanyahu spat in our face," says a senior administration official. Let's see... A senior administration official was widely reported to have called Netanyahu "a chickensh*t." Netanyahu accepted the House Speaker's invitation to address Congress without first clearing it with Obama. You decide. Who spit in whose face?

Take guns and warfare out of it:

If you were lost in the woods...
If your daughter were in trouble in a bad part of town...
If your radiator hose blew and you didn't have a clue what to do...
If you woke up from a nightmare and found yourself atop a bull about to be released into the arena...
If you were at a low, low point and wanted a friend to talk to...

Who would you want on your side, Chris Kyle or Michael Moore?

This administration through its puppy spokesguy earnest Josh declares it means to censor criticism of radical Islam. Not a bleeping network has attacked. Not a single damn wearer of the banner of free press has pushed back against the admin that says it will manage them.


America, this is Red Dawn. There is a coup and it's coming from the White House. And the networks are on his side.

If Obama sucks at giving you health care, do you think he'll be good at giving you free community college?

If I ever run for anything again, and the media challenges me on some of my FB rants, I'll just say, "Look, this guy declared that his economic program worked for America, that he believes in free enterprise, that Fort Hood was just workplace violence, and the Taliban are not terrorists. And the media never once called him a cross-eyed, bald-faced liar.

"Any sane person would get a little exercised. If you weren’t angry, you weren't paying attention. Next question.”


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