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Random Blasts at the Well Deserving

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Obama's only guilty of allowing Iran to pursue its own fissile uranium. Hillary actually helped cement the sale of uranium to Russia. That might be worse.

Hey, every pompous college that votes to divest your portfolio from fossil fuels...
Is your campus 100% wind and solar powered? Or are you spineless, preening hypocrites, making a show of washing your hands of the source of your own comforts, driven by ignorant students who haven't a clue where their standard of living comes from?


When I was a 16 year old punk in Southern California, I was a pretty good rock climber. Some 30-something invited me to join a climb with his buddies in the alpine country above Yosemite Valley. We drove up Highway 395 on the East side of the Sierra Nevada and stopped in Mammoth for dinner at Anderson's Split Pea Restaurant.

Huh? These adventurers are stopping for pea porridge? That was one of my first life experiences that expanded my palate. They ordered split pea soup and, well, so did I. It was delicious!

Anyway, tonight, Yvette made split pea soup with left over ham from Easter. It puts Andersons to shame. And eating it made me feel 16 again.

Krauthammer: There’s not a shred of evidence because she shredded it. Me: Hillary’s pretty confident we won't discover her crap because, "she wiped it clean."

This dude loves, protects, and incites Muslim extremists everywhere on the globe he can. He doesn't give one fig about Christians being slaughtered anywhere. Isn't it about time to call a Crescent a Crescent?

"Sustainability" is a liberal meta-concept to control how people live.
If they mean a safe environment, that's why we have the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. And a lot more. The environment has gotten cleaner every decade since 1960.
If they mean enough food and materials to sustain into the future, that's why we have markets and prices, and innovation toward new resources. Hunger is going down, not up.
If they mean enough space for humanity to live, they need to do some homework about earth's landmass and human density.


If they mean, I don't like your shopping purchases, they can tear my WalMart receipt out of my cold dead hand if I haven't killed them first.
"Sustainability" is what leftists incant when they don't have a single substantive reason to object to what other people do.

Rubio defends NSA surveillance, says the feds should crack down and enforce pot laws against the states, and plays both sides on immigration. That's some bad hash, no matter how eloquent and Latino he is.

And for as much as I like others like Paul and Walker, I'm thinking Cruz is the only one who hasn't trimmed sails and basically lied about what he believes.

Now, smart people will call me naive for even looking at Cruz. Of course! We can only elect liars. They're the only ones who are electable. On that score, I guess I should give some kudos to Bush. He's not running on lying about his commonly squishy core.

Sometimes on my morning field walks, when several kinds of birds call at the same time, it sounds a lot like R2-D2.

I'm not at church where I should be this Sunday morning. I'm home working on some legal stuff for court hearings next week. From down the hall, I hear my 18 year old son is listening to the Sunday political blab. I don't know whether to be proud or shout "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Hey, burger flipping, useful idiots for the Labor Bosses...why don't you demand $25 per hour? You'll just accelerate the Era of Service Robots.


Jesus told his followers to feed the hungry. He didn't tell them to lobby government to confiscate wealth by force to set up food programs for the hungry.

Obama is a bad man. Hear me out.

Why didn't Obama ask Cuba for releases of agreed political prisoners BEFORE he kissed and made nice with the Castro regime? Why did he meet with Raul Castro this month to lick his boots and legitimize him when Cuba hasn't followed through on its promises? Why didn't he ask for anything concrete before he unilaterally changed US policy toward Cuba?

Why, early in his presidency, did Obama side with Zelaya against the Honduran people, against Honduras's Congress, against Honduras's Supreme Court, against Honduras's military, against Honduras's Constitution?

Why did he favor replacing the authoritarian Mubarak with the totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood? Why did he resent the popular uprising against the incompetent regime of Morsi? Why is he stiff arming and punishing the reformist president al Sisi?

He is an authoritarian at heart who sides with authoritarians over the strivings of people who want to be free. He is a bad man. He hates freedom, because he fears free people. He believes government should rule.

Kudos to Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Our son Bradley is prepping for the AP Psychology exam. The district just held exam prep. Sounds like torture on a Spring afternoon, right?


But no! It was a Psychology Bowl game quiz show between competing schools. Hard to think how you can make exam prep more fun than that. Well done, Adams 12. Thanks again,.

When Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush were president, we didn't have to worry about obvious signs that the president hated the US and had allegiance elsewhere.


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