Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson
Never Let a Plague Go To Waste
By Victor Davis Hanson
During America's first-ever national lockdown, thousands of unelected bureaucrats, as well as federal and state governments, assumed enormous powers not ...
June 03, 2021
American Universities Have Lost Their Prestige
By Victor Davis Hanson
Nothing is stranger than the contemporary American university.Not long ago, Americans used to idolize their universities. Indeed, in science, math, ...
April 30, 2021
How to Start a War
By Victor Davis Hanson
Wars often arise from uncertainty. When strong countries appear weak, truly weaker ones take risks they otherwise would not.Sloppy braggadocio ...
April 15, 2021
Trumpism Without Trump?
By Victor Davis Hanson
Six weeks ago, Americans were assured that Donald Trump had left the presidency disgraced and forever ruined politically.Trump was the ...
March 04, 2021
We Have Lost an American Genius
By Victor Davis Hanson
Rush Limbaugh created modern national talk radio as we now know it. For over three decades he kept at rapt ...
February 26, 2021
Will a Hard-Left Turn Lead to Pushback?
By Victor Davis Hanson
The corruption of the Renaissance Church prompted the Reformation, which in turn sparked a Counter-Reformation of reformist, and more zealous, ...
February 04, 2021
The 'After Trump' Era Begins
By Victor Davis Hanson
The new AT age -- "After Trump" -- began on either Election Day, Nov. 3, or on Inauguration Day, Jan. ...
January 28, 2021
Thoughts on the 1776 Commission and Its Report
By Victor Davis Hanson
The newly formed President's Advisory 1776 Commission just released its report. The group was chaired by Churchill historian and Hillsdale ...
January 21, 2021
Assault on the Capitol Has Let Loose the Electronic Octopus
By Victor Davis Hanson
Two days after the 2020 election, a defiant Kathy Griffin retweeted the notorious picture of her holding a prop that ...
January 14, 2021
What Will Historians Make of Our Annus Horribilis?
By Victor Davis Hanson
The year 2020 is now commonly dubbed the annus horribilis -- "the horrible year." The last 10 months certainly have ...
December 31, 2020
Our Upside-down Postelection World
By Victor Davis Hanson
After Nov. 3, the meaning of some words and concepts abruptly changed. Have you noticed how new realities have replaced ...
December 24, 2020
Biden Should Beware of Nemesis
By Victor Davis Hanson
Joe Biden will be our next president. But he will face Nemesis in a way that few other presidents have ...
December 17, 2020
Will Biden Give in to the Hydroxy Effect?
By Victor Davis Hanson
There is as yet no known, easily accessible cure for COVID-19.Over the past year, lots of old and new drugs ...
December 09, 2020
Progressives Are No Longer Defenders of Free Expression
By Victor Davis Hanson
A half-century ago, progressives used to push limitless free expression, blasting conservatives for their allegedly blinkered traditionalism. They boasted of ...
December 03, 2020
Irony Abounds as the Left Politicizes the Coronavirus
By Victor Davis Hanson
Where has the coronavirus gone?Nowhere. The pandemic has gained a second wind, even as it is mysteriously scarcer in post-election ...
November 19, 2020
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