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Coronating Hillary

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Last week’s news gave conservatives much to howl and scowl about.

Hey, liberals! Sarah Palin
is a woman. She was a popular governor. She faced fights with entrenched powers. She actually dealt with an opposition media.


Condi Rice is a woman. She's a minority. She faced and beat discrimination. She is an accomplished academic, government official, pianist, and ice skater.

Carly Fiorina is a woman. She earned her way to CEO of one of America’s leading companies.

Nikki Haley is a woman. She's a minority. She's a popular governor in the reportedly racist South.

Susana Martinez is a woman. She's a minority. She's a popular governor in deep blue New Mexico.

What exactly are you bragging about regarding that corrupt, haggard, phony, entitled Wife of Bill?

Hillary Clinton is proof of the bias of the national media. Are they chasing her about her emails? About her server that she "wiped clean"? About her phony "everyday Americans" campaign roll out?

Recall the national wolf pack camped for weeks in Texas because the insane Cindy Sheehan demanded to confront Bush. But, later, when she was an annoyance to Pelosi, suddenly she was invisible and forgotten.

The pack don't frenzy unless they might can lynch a Republican.

Pretty depressed about the level of idiocy in American politics today, and the complicity of the media in keeping things idiotic.

So, Hillary! says she's going on a spontaneous bus tour through Iowa to talk to "everyday Americans." (Have you ever heard a more condescending phrase? From the self proclaimed "Champion of the people"?) was all BS. The everyday Iowa students were locked down in their classrooms like there had been a school shooting. Curious citizens were barricaded at great distance.


The "everyday Americans" Hillary! was taped talking to were Democrat activists and operatives bussed on location for Hillary!'s fictional photo ops.

This “real Hillary with real people” ad was a 100% fraud.

Here's the worst part. She 100% will get away with it. No blood, no sweat, no price. See, we see the reports in alternative websites or from our friends on our segregated social networks. And we think "Ah ha! This manufactured phony is exposed! She's a laughing stock! America will see what a disingenuous, engineered product she is!"

Think again. Who do you think reads your favorite political sites, or sees the posts in your social network? Do you think the Alphabet Cartel [ABC NBC CBS CNN PBS NPR NYT AP LAT] will cover the angle "Hillary manufactures phony authentic tour to talk to real people who are really party hacks?"

No they won't. Every humanizing image, every smile, every twinkle of her wrinkled eyes will be the face of the story. While the presstitutes who wish Middle Constitutional America, friends of the Flag and limited government, no good will, do their Herculean damndest to carry this Trojan Pantsuit inside the White House gates, and continue the Left's assault against everything that makes America different from other nations.

It is the Symbolic Time for a woman president. Now. Her character, competence, and record are irrelevant, you sexist pig,

I think a woman president would be pretty cool, too. But I'm not so enamored of the idea that I'll swoon for the first unlikable, lying, cheating, scandal-infected, arrogant, entitled, greedy, self-promoting phony that comes along.


We tried that once. It's not working out very well.

Hey, have any of the Big Pens or Big Hairs asked the entitled president-presumptive any of their stock gotcha questions? I mean the Democrat version (they don't have a democrat version, but if they did):

Do you believe Obama wants America to be a world leader and influence global events?
How do you feel about abortions of 7 pound babies at 38 weeks?
With due respect, you tried to deceive the nation. You carried multiple devices, so it wasn't about convenience. Why did you set up a secret personal communication system?
Do you think that's how the Russians hacked us?
How can you be a champion for women when you protected Bill and destroyed his floozies and even his victims?
How can you attack the so called wage gap when you had a big wage gap in your own senate staff?
Do you eat puppies and kittens for breakfast?

She’s not starting a national campaign with much love when the highest accolade the national press can muster is "disciplined."

Hillary's viability in the coming campaign will depend on how well the national presstitute corps (pronounced "core" Mr. President) can project the warm/fuzzy image manufactured from her campaign video bits, and also suppress the truth about her ruthless, calculating personality, and the record of scandal, failure, and bland mediocrity of everything she's done in public life.

I give her even money.


Bueller...Bueller...? Any liberal tell me one success from that woman, Ms. Clinton. Don't tell me causes she "worked on," or policies she embraced. No. Tell me any policy she pushed into being, any result she achieved. Any difference she made. ANY.

Liberalism's death throes. When they have to use the corpse from "Weekend at Hillary's" to run their next campaign to control us.

Not a person on earth is impressed with Hillary Clinton as a leader. The Democrat Media machine is frantic to prop her up for the spoils, the wealth transfers, and all the incestuous appointments to control the bureaucracy and control Americans.

It's about the power, stupid.

Welcome to the Occupied United States. I don't know if we're occupied by hostile reporters, hostile editors, hostile network bosses, hostile corporate owners, or distant Soros bosses.

But, that a stiff, cold , entitled hack like Hillary, with the record of scandal, disaster, and incompetence that she has, could get the warm reception she got from the national pack of presstitutes and geishas that command our attention... Without any teeth bit into her rump of vulnerabilities [Remember Mitt's haircut, dog travel and corporate deals? Walker didn't pursue Higher Ed's BS? Christie closed a bridge lane? Perry's family property had a historically painted crude boulder? Rand Paul is prickly? Ted Cruz is a jerk?] means we are occupied by somebody.


And somebody means to continue the assault on America's Constitution, institutions, and traditions.

Listen, Libertarians, you could be right there's no difference between Ds and Rs. But somebodies, with an awful lot of money and power loves them some Ds and hates them some Rs.

Of course she's entitled to be president. She didn't stay home and bake cookies, she stood by her man, and she helped destroy his bimbos. Now, she’s stood by the most destructive POTUS in history.

Can you think of a better resume to lead the Free World? Oops, I mean, to lead one nation, under government, with control and entitlements for all.

When the yapping dogs with pens and cameras tell me that Hillary 2016 is inevitable, it helps to remember they also told me that 2014 was not going to be a GOP wave.

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