Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter
Voting Rights: It's 'Racist' Not to Let Democrats Cheat
By Ann Coulter
Why aren't Republicans screaming from the rooftops about the Democrats' plans to change voting rules to give themselves an advantage?Their ...
June 09, 2021
Why Is Protecting White Serial Killers?
By Ann Coulter
This week, The New York Times reported on new laws in Maryland and Montana that restrict law enforcement's use of ...
June 02, 2021
'Florida Woman' Saner Than Media
By Ann Coulter
Last week, we discussed Rebekah Jones, the crazy lady who wrote a 342-page telenovela about her ex-lover, Garrett Sweeterman, then went ...
May 26, 2021
Only in Florida: Crazed Woman Stalks Governor
By Ann Coulter
In another Very Florida story, a woman with a colorful criminal history has spent the last year collecting media accolades ...
May 19, 2021
I Will Not Be Scienced!
By Ann Coulter
After a year of being browbeaten by "the scientists" not to wear a mask, to wear a mask, to wear double ...
May 12, 2021
Sen. Tim Scott: Driving the Wrong Way While Black
By Ann Coulter
ANSWER: "Sen. Tim Scott, Republican from South Carolina."QUESTION: "Who will loads of Republicans support for president in 2024?"I know this ...
May 05, 2021
Ann's Plan to End Police Shootings
By Ann Coulter
(EDITORS NOTE: Please note the use a strong expletive in the 12th graf.)To use the cliche of the moment, these ...
April 28, 2021
Thanks, Derek Chauvin Jurors! You’re Safe Now. We Aren’t.
By Ann Coulter
To watch the hours of celebratory fist-pumping from government officials and black activists after the guilty verdicts against police officer ...
April 21, 2021
Chauvin: The Case Against the Mob
By Ann Coulter
One of the main arguments being advanced by Eric Nelson, sole attorney for Derek Chauvin in his trial for the murder ...
April 14, 2021
Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice
By Ann Coulter
In modern America, we periodically offer up white men as human sacrifices to the PC gods. Among our benefactions: Jake ...
March 31, 2021
Asian Women Are Too Damn Hot!
By Ann Coulter
Does anyone else find it odd that so many Asian activists reacted to the mass murder of (mostly) Asian women ...
March 24, 2021
GOP Moves to Save Biden: We Want Amnesty, Too!
By Ann Coulter
President Joe Biden’s immigration bill will put virtually all illegal immigrants on a bullet train to citizenship, provided that they ...
March 17, 2021
Rule by Left-Wing Lunatics
March 10, 2021 |
Attack of the Woke Teen Career Killers
By Ann Coulter
I was a mere 70 pages into Donald McNeil's brief about his firing from The New York Times when I ...
March 03, 2021
NYT: Was He Innocent? ANSWER: No.
By Ann Coulter
Here is this week’s installment of “The New York Times is ALWAYS lying about criminals (and probably everything else).”The Times ...
February 17, 2021
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