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Hillary's not as dirty as Bill...yet.

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Say what you want about Hillary using a secret, proprietary email system to conduct public business. It's still way more elegant than Bill's goon Sandy Berger sneaking Clinton's classified dirty documents out of the National Archives stuffed in his socks and underwear. Our ace national media was never very curious about what was in those documents.


“Hey,” the networks shout: “Jeb Bush also used a private email and a home-based server while he was governor!” Okay, let's bash and write him off, too. I'm cool with that.

There is no question Netanyahu's speech deepened the rift with the administration. That's not what matters. The important question is whether it provided to Congress and to the public substance enough to oppose the administration's bad deal.

Is it reverse psychology that Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” features a dominant harmonica?

Hillary: I can be as big a crook as I wanna be because the Dems ain't got no one else. And when it comes to the general, I am woman, hear me roar. Rawrrr!!!

Wait, is it true that Mars is warming and its ice is shrinking? Dang industrial carbon!

Liberals always blame opposing arguments on Fox News talking points. I don't even watch Fox, but I'm regularly accused of regurgitating its talking points.

It's the best defensive retort they got. Which says something.

Hey, lefties, even the lawless Eric Holder couldn't manufacture bogus federal charges after Trayvon or Ferguson. Will you shut up?

Who doubts this America-loving president wants to destroy every single thing we learned in third grade civics?

Holder had nothing--NOTHING--on the cop who defended himself by shooting a thug. But he's gotta save face, so now he's suing the city. America, our government is gangsters.


Hey, Mr. Speaker and Mr. Leader, ...when will it start making a difference that America gave the GOP a historic majority last November? Huh?

Divining the headlines and the turning mood of the national press poodles, it appears the water has finally hit Miss Hillary and her melting has commenced.That is, unless and until she gets the nomination, in which case, all will be airbrushed and the high school transcripts and bathroom habits of the GOP nominee will suddenly be urgent national business.

Poor Argentina. However much I despise POTUS, at least at this moment, I'm not wondering whether he killed the prosecutor who was closing in on his corruption. Though, I would like to know if there was ever an independent review of Andrew Breigthbart’s autopsy.

So the Obama line is this: Netanyahu can criticize, but he offers no alternative.

That is a lie. Netanyahu offered options. There is no good solution, but pretending to oppose while endorsing and scripting a 10- year plan (at most) for I ran to get the bomb is the worst choice.

The best choice is to resume the sanctions that brought Iran to the table and that Obama lifted for no holy reason, and keep negotiating for a stronger, verifiable deal.

Oh, and don't threaten to shoot down Israeli planes if they just happen to be on a lark to take out Iranian nukes.

Oh good heavens. Withdraws abruptly from Iraq (Hey, big boy, where did you go?) and hands the nation to Iran. Bombs Libya and hands it to Islamist rebels. Tries to force the Muslim Brotherhood on Egypt. Hates their resistance. Tells the Taliban exactly when we'll leave Afghanistan. Trades five Taliban commanders plus ransom for one US deserter. Asks Congress for a dishonest Authorization of Force that actually ties US hands fighting ISIS. Won't lift a finger to help a reformist Egyptian president attack ISIS.


How many tons of evidence does it take until rational Americans can say they know exactly whose side this bastard is on?

America has never seen anything as lawless as this administration. We don't even know how to talk about it. And the media won't report the doings, so we don't even know we should think about it.

About to ask my wife if she'd make me a sandwich. Then every meme and cliche in the socialverse passed before my eyes like the video of your life and sins.

Making my own dam sammich.

The success of the American formula depends on either or both Congress and the Supreme Court being able to oppose and block a lawless Executive.

If they fail in their role, and the president can do whatever he decides to do unchecked, then the Constitution is for naught; the Declaration was pointless, and America is back to rule by a boss who can make it up. Call him a monarch, dictator, thug or emperor.

Makes no difference. The formula that created the most prosperous, stable, powerful nation earth has known is broken. Disappointment and misery will increase.

Maybe the most brilliant thing about Netanyahu's brilliant speech is the understated way it put Obama AND the media on the spot. After showering the president with gratitude and praise for his past support for Israel, Netanyahu changed gears and barely mentioned Obama again.


The PM focused only on the publicly reported details of the deal, and made blindingly clear the devastating problems with this fatally flawed proposal, and the critical questions any serious nation must ask before enlisting.

Americans will see if we have a real media or not, a communication force with power beyond our grasp, who can raise these questions and make the president answer them. Or not.

Netanyahu made his case on a global stage. Obama wants to keep his concessions to a nation that calls us “The Great Satan” secret from the US Congress...until the deal is done.

Barack misplayed his hand. Probably doubled the audience.

Israel has a leader. America has a bleater.

Bibi’s speech, without saying so explicitly, proves clearly that Barack Obama is doing every thing he can to help Iran obtain the bomb and knows that is the inevitable result of the agreement he is pursuing.

"That concession (leaving advanced installations intact with weak inspection) creates a major danger that Iran could get the bomb by breaking the deal. But the second concession (ending the agreement after 10 years) creates an even greater danger: Iran could get the bomb by KEEPING the deal.”

“This agreement doesn't block Iran's path to the bomb; it PAVES Iran's path to the bomb." Dayum. No wonder Barack didn't want this speech to be heard.


Why do some in the US care so much about a handful of Jews surrounded by a barbaric desert?
I don't know. Why do so many more in the world wish they'd die and go away? There’s something important here.

Even worse than this incumbent's assault on everything about the Constitution that matters is that 45% of Americans approve of his performance. We may not have a republic left, because no one knows what a republic is.


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