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Kurt  Schlichter
Who Killed Ashli Babbitt
By Kurt Schlichter
Is it too much to ask to know the name of the federal government employee who, on our behalf, shot ...
April 19, 2021 | New!
The Coming Backlash
By Kurt Schlichter
So, a criminal with a warrant who resists arrest meets up with an incompetent government employee who can’t tell a ...
April 15, 2021
No More GOP Losers VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
The Senate races in 2022 are hugely important – we have to at least prevent the Dem hacks from getting ...
April 14, 2021
Letting Hunter Biden Off Is A Message To Us Peasants
By Kurt Schlichter
The fact that the loser spawn of Grandpa Badfinger is thumbing his coke-caked nose at the justice system represents not ...
April 12, 2021
The GOP Needs to Understand That the Corporations Are Its Enemy
By Kurt Schlichter
Old habits die hard, and now it’s time for the GOP’s habitual support of big business to die, and to ...
April 08, 2021
Full Throttle to Failure VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
You know the Asterisk *dminstration is going to be Jimmy Carter without the competence, coherence, and popularity, right? This is ...
April 07, 2021
Are Leftists Stupid Or Liars?
By Kurt Schlichter
It’s a real headscratcher – are these people dumb, or do they think we’re dumb, or is it a little ...
April 05, 2021
Passivity Is a Choice, and We Made It
By Kurt Schlichter
There’s always an uproar when we see Asian-Americans being beaten to a pulp or murdered on video and the people ...
April 01, 2021
Some Lives Are More Equal Than Others VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
You’ve all seen the appalling video of the two teenage sociopaths murdering that poor Uber Eats guy. What you’ve also ...
March 31, 2021
Did Something Happen In Boulder?
By Kurt Schlichter
I’m not as old as Grandpa Badfinger, nor as manifestly senile, but I still have only the vaguest notion that ...
March 29, 2021
Oh Noem, Not Another Squish!
By Kurt Schlichter
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March 25, 2021
Is President Asterisk’s Honeymoon Over? VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
That desiccated old weirdo in the White House seems to be getting slightly less unnatural media love as of late. ...
March 24, 2021
Understand That Some People Love the Pandemic
By Kurt Schlichter
It might not occur to you, because you are not a bizarre wierdo, but a lot of people really love ...
March 22, 2021
Our Military Suffers Yet Another Defeat… This Time to Tucker Carlson
By Kurt Schlichter
Here’s a fun fact: Tucker Carlson, over whom a bunch of senior military officers tossed 240 years of non-partisanship out the ...
March 18, 2021
Greg Abbott Is Costello: Stop Screwing Up VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
I’m always amazed when people choose to fail. Exhibit A is Greg Abbott, who I used to admire and who ...
March 17, 2021
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