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Kurt  Schlichter
Gee, I Wonder Why Most People Are Shrugging Off Omicron?
By Kurt Schlichter
The news of the emerging Omicron variant was greeted with a giant shrug by most of America, and it’s no ...
December 02, 2021
Leftist Sissies Are Tiresome Volume 1000 VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
As Biden’s poll ratings dig down deeper into the dirt than a Brian Stelter, who is a potato, family reunion, ...
December 01, 2021
Give Leftist Thugs All the Due Process They Can Handle
By Kurt Schlichter
The loathsome anti-pallor rapper known as “Mathboi Fly” is accused of driving an SUV through a parade of pallor people ...
November 29, 2021
What's Next Thanksgiving Going to Look Like After Democrats Are Ground into Sausage? VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
I'm not down with Thanksgiving dinner, but do you know what I am thankful for? The Europeans conquering North America. There ...
November 26, 2021
Give Thanks That the Left Is Losing
By Kurt Schlichter
As you dig into your expensive turkey after having spent a ton of cash filling up your SUV to get ...
November 25, 2021
What Is It with Hollywood’s Love Affair with Child Abusing Perverts? VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
The home turf of Harvey Weinstein was always a breeding ground for scumminess, but there was a time when Hollywood ...
November 24, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse and the Red-Pilling of America
By Kurt Schlichter
You know, a few more rampages by inept alleged “white supremacists” like Kyle Rittenhouse – he only managed to shoot ...
November 22, 2021
Rittenhouse Deserves a Freaking Medal VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
Nobody knows anything. Even the people in the jury don't know how this sh** is going to end. What do I ...
November 19, 2021
Free States Must Defend the Right to Self-Defense
By Kurt Schlichter
The jury is still out as I write this; I wish I could be confident that our justice system will ...
November 18, 2021
Democrats Are Facing Annihilation in 2022, Which Is Nice VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
The polls are in and, well, the Democrats are looking at not just a wave in the midterms but a ...
November 17, 2021
Time to Declare Victory Over COVID
By Kurt Schlichter
Can we just end this COVID nonsense now, or do some people have such empty lives that they can’t get ...
November 15, 2021
This Is a Valid Self-Defense Case
By Kurt Schlichter
Editor's Note: Today's episode of Kurt Schlichter's "Stream of Kurtiousness" is open to everyone! Normally, Kurt's exclusive video series is ...
November 13, 2021
Americans Are Waking Up to the Democrat’s Race Hustle
By Kurt Schlichter
The smart, moral transcriptionists of our glorious ruling class have discovered what they contend is a terrible crime of wickedness ...
November 11, 2021
President * Uses the FBI as His Goon Squad Against His Regime’s Enemies VIP
By Kurt Schlichter
If you had “President * uses the FBI to go retaliate against the regime’s enemies” on your bingo card, congratulations. ...
November 10, 2021
Greetings from Feudal California
By Kurt Schlichter
I want to thank the Democrats for giving me, a trial lawyer living in Los Angeles, exactly what I need ...
November 08, 2021
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