Meleana Moore

Meleana  Moore
Herd of Wild Boars Kills Three ISIS Militants, Injures Five
By Meleana Moore
ISIS militants were ambushed by an unexpected force on Sunday. While preparing to ambush local anti-ISIS tribesmen who had re-located to ...
April 26, 2017
Venezuela Threatens Withdrawal from OAS in Response to International Pressure
By Meleana Moore
Amidst increasing international pressure from the Organization of American States (OAS) and escalating civilian conflict against the state, the socialist ...
April 26, 2017
Gang Crackdown: Sessions' Drive to 'Devastate' MS-13
By Meleana Moore
Dubbed the most notorious transnational gang in the Western hemisphere, MS-13' s takedown has become a central priority of the ...
April 19, 2017
Manhunt: Authorities Search for Man who Stole Guns, Sent 161-Page Manifesto to Trump
By Meleana Moore
The FBI and ATF are on the hunt for Milwaukee man Joseph Jakubowski, who stole 16 guns from a gun ...
April 10, 2017