Venezuelan President: "I Want CNN Well Away from Here"

Posted: Feb 13, 2017 3:10 PM

In his weekly television program, Sundays with Maduro, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has declared CNN must leave his country, after claiming that CNN en Espanol misrepresented information, according to El Nacional. El Nacional reported that Maduro warned CNN not to put their nose in Venezuela and that he wants CNN "well away" from his country. 

This misrepresentation was in reference to CNN en Espanol's in-depth program detailing the alleged delivery of fraudulent Venezuelan passports and visas to the Venezuelan embassy in Iraq that were then reportedly sold to possible terrorists. 

El Mundo reported that Maduro exclaimed in his tirade against the broadcasting network that media such as just CNN try to manipulate.

According to El Mundo, one of those mentioned in CNN's program was Maduro's vice president Tareck El-Aissami. It pointed out El-Aissami's alleged relation to Hezbollah. 

Fox News explained the CNN en Espanol program. 

"Passports in the Shadows" was the result of a yearlong investigation showcasing an account by a whistleblower, a former legal adviser to the Venezuelan embassy in Baghdad, and the government officials’ dismissal of the allegations.

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