Attn Job Seekers: Hiring Freeze is No More

Posted: Apr 12, 2017 1:00 PM

After much distress among those with hopes of working in the federal government, and those in the federal government who were unable to properly carry out important jobs, the White House is set to lift the hiring freeze today. 

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney explained, however, that this does not entail the hiring of the "willy-nilly." He stated that the hiring freeze plan will be replaced with "a smarter plan, more strategic plan, a more surgical plan."

The previous plan hindered important functions of the federal government, including some that Trump has promised to improve, the Hill reported

". . . the freeze resulted in an increased backlog of benefits claims at the Veterans Affairs (VA) department, which Trump pledged to strengthen during the campaign."

In addition, "It also created delays in the processing of Social Security checks, staff shortages at federal prisons, the closure of childcare facilities at military bases and fewer workers at the Food and Drug Administration to work on drug approvals."

However, the catch is, that the new hires are expected to be solely in areas in which the budget signaled as areas for expansion and that the agencies must determine whether filling a position adheres to the President's plans. 

In the memorandum that Mulvaney is set to deliver today, agencies will be required to produce a plan that will "maximize employee performance," and must submit it to Mulvaney's office by June 30th. 

Mulvaney explained that these directives are how you properly "drain the swamp."