ICE Yields Results: Immigration Arrests Reach Record High

Posted: Apr 17, 2017 11:30 AM

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is delivering results on the president's promise to crack down on illegal immigration. 

Since the beginning of Donald Trump's presidency, the immigration arrest rate under ICE has surged to a 32.6% increase, according to a report released by the Washington Post. From January to mid-March, the number of arrests was at 21,362, in sharp contrast to that same time period last year, where the number was 16,104. Of the 21,362, the majority (three quarters) were illegal immigrants with criminal records. 

Another point to note is that under the Trump Administration, arrests of non-criminal aliens doubled from last year, to 5,411 of those 21,362. 

The ICE field offices who found themselves with the highest arrest numbers, around 2,000 each, were Dallas (covering north TX and OK), Atlanta (also including GA and both Carolinas), and Houston (covering Southeast TX), the Post reported. 

As for deportations, the statistics showed they are actually decreasing-- down by 1.2% from the corresponding time period last year. 

In his visit to the border last week, AG Jeff Sessions declared that he will be hiring 125 new immigration judges to speed up the processes of delayed deportation hearings. 

Another priority Sessions mentioned is the removal of violent MS-13 immigrants, the transnational gang which has become a central variable in many crimes committed by illegal aliens.