TSA Warns Trucking Companies of 'Truck-Ramming' Terrorism Threat

Posted: May 05, 2017 12:00 PM

Due to increasing incidences of "truck-ramming" attacks, the Transportation Security Agency has sent a warning to the trucking companies of the nation. 

TSA dispersed a 6-page report detailing the recent incidences and warning truck and bus companies that terrorists may try to hijack their trucks to employ in deadly attacks. The report outlined 17 "truck-ramming" incidences since 2014, which have killed nearly 170 people worldwide. 

The Nice, France attack was specifically mentioned, as 85 were killed in the tragic attack on Bastille day. There has only been one instance in the U.S., in 2016 when a car drove into a crowd at Ohio State University and injured 11 people. 

CBS News obtained a copy of the report and detailed some of TSA's important messages to companies, and even the general public. 

"The report suggests drivers and staff who remain alert to potential threats and report suspicious activities to appropriate authorities are the most effective means of detecting acts of terrorism by a commercial vehicle.

The report also states that no community, large or small, rural or urban, is immune to attacks of this kind by organized or "lone wolf" terrorists. TSA recommends that the trucking and bus industries take an active role in protecting their businesses and communities from this potential threat."

"These low-tech methods of attack are becoming more commonplace around the globe," CNN reported on a TSA statement. 

Many terrorist operatives have advocated for employing vehicles to kill in the name of Allah, according to an analysis CNN released on the terror tactic. 

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