Suicide Bombing in Kabul Wounds Three U.S. Soldiers, Kills Eight Afghans as ISIS Takes Credit

Posted: May 03, 2017 10:05 AM

A suicide bombing targeted a coalition convoy in Afghanistan on Wednesday, taking the lives of eight Afghan civilians and wounding three U.S. soldiers and at least 25 civilians. 

The car bomb happened to be right around the corner from a NATO compound and the U.S. embassy in the Afghan capitol of Kabul-- an area that has a history of being targeted by suicide bombings. 

Through its Amaq news agency, the Islamic State took credit for the suicide bombing on the convoy, detonating the bomb precisely as the convoy passed the U.S. embassy. 

However, the U.S. investigation is still in the developing stages, but it has been reported that the Haqqani network may be behind the attack. The Haqqani network is one of Afghanistan's most advanced insurgent groups, which leads fights against U.S.-led NATO operations and the Afghan government-- and has pledged allegiance to the Taliban.

The Taliban has recently announced efforts to control more areas through the use of asymmetrical tactics (including bombs such as those used in the attack).