Night Watch

Night Watch
More of Ukraine is Ready to Fall
By Night Watch
Note: Most countries in the Far East, central Asia and some in the Middle East are celebrating the lunar New Year ...
February 24, 2015
Has ISIS Made it to Afghanistan?
By Night Watch
Afghanistan: In Bamiyan Province in central Afghanistan, a local mullah who claims to represent the Islamic State of Iraq and the ...
February 19, 2015
The Middle East's Banana Republic: Yemen
By Night Watch
Yemen: Al-Qaeda militants took control of an infantry brigade base in southern Yemen Thursday, following clashes that killed at least seven ...
February 14, 2015
Rebel Forces Use Long Range Rockets to Accelerate the Violence
By Night Watch
Ukraine: Ukrainian government sources said that the rebels fired long range rockets at Kramatorsk on 10 February. The rocket fire killed ...
February 12, 2015
ISIL Moves Into Afghanistan
February 11, 2015 |
United Arab Emirates And Jordan Declare War on ISIS
By Night Watch
North Korea: North Korea fired five short-range missiles into the East Sea on Sunday, 8 February, according to South Korea's Joint ...
February 10, 2015
Japan Gets Ready For War
By Night Watch
Japan: The Abe government wants permanent authority for sending Japanese forces on logistic missions for multi-national troops. At an Upper House ...
February 07, 2015
ISIS Sets It's Sights on Another Kurdish Stronghold
By Night Watch
Russia-North Korea: The Chief of the General Staff in Moscow confirmed that Russia and North Korea will hold joint exercises in ...
February 05, 2015
Japan Might Finally Be Ready to Join the War on Terror
By Night Watch
Japan: Over the weekend, a senior Japanese diplomat described the beheading of the two Japanese nationals by the Islamic State of ...
February 04, 2015
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