Kyle Olson

Kyle Olson
Michelle Malkin Shreds Jeb Bush, Common Core and ‘John Dewey/Saul Alinsky-Marinated Progressives’
By Kyle Olson
Conservative author and Common Core critic Michelle Malkin is Jeb Bush’s worst nightmare. She never misses an opportunity to skewer the ...
May 01, 2014
Mother Vents on Common Core Worksheet: ‘Go Back to Basic Math!’
By Kyle Olson
Some parents have had quite enough of the crazy, convoluted and sometimes error-filled Common Core math worksheets. Deanne Knight is one ...
April 24, 2014
Chicago Teachers Union President Jokes About the Rash of Shootings in Her Hometown
By Kyle Olson
We like to believe that the people in charge of our public schools – administrators and labor leaders – care ...
April 22, 2014
Proposed Common Core Standards Omit ‘Liberty’ From America’s Founding Principles
By Kyle Olson
Common Core is only related to English and math, as some “conservative” proponents say. Yeah, riiiiight. The state of New York is ...
April 18, 2014
NC Superintendent: Vouchers May Fund ‘Schools of Terror’
By Kyle Olson
There’s nothing like a little fear mongering to go with a heaping helping of government school protectionism. That’s the modus operandi ...
December 18, 2013
Third-Graders Learn to Protest Against Their School SEIU-Style – Courtesy of Common Core-Aligned Lesson
By Kyle Olson
Every day our staff at EAGnews wrestles with the following questions: “What are our children being taught in ...
October 11, 2013
Parent’s Outrageous Arrest is a Call to Arms Against Common Core and the Thug Bureaucracy
By Kyle Olson
This week’s shocking story from Maryland shows the wheels are falling off the Common Core cart. Parent Robert Small wasn’t pleased ...
September 25, 2013
Michelle O’s L.A. School Lunch Menu: Potato-Chive Waffles and a ‘Black Bean Mountain’
By Kyle Olson
When Los Angeles school lunch bureaucrats realized their new menu of sushi and broccoli and beef with brown rice was ...
August 06, 2013
Buffalo Increases Spending on Free Teacher Cosmetic Surgery, Despite $51 Million Deficit
By Kyle Olson
In an ad in a recent union newsletter, the Beautyquest “medispa and skin care” center tells Buffalo Teachers Federation members ...
July 30, 2013
Teachers Union May Sue Over ‘Constitutional Right’ to Wear Shorts to Work!
By Kyle Olson
Move over Trayvon Martin. Big Labor has a new favorite group of victims of social injustice - the teaching staff of ...
July 24, 2013
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