Wisconsin School Agency Now Hiding its ‘White Privilege’ Agenda From Taxpayers

Posted: Mar 27, 2013 12:01 AM

Wisconsin School Agency Now Hiding its ‘White Privilege’ Agenda From Taxpayers

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is suddenly obsessed with stamping out all signs of its “white privilege” campaign.

When EAGnews recently exposed the department’s focus on white “power and privilege” within its associated AmeriCorps VISTA program, DPI removed the materials from its website and blamed us. State Superintendent Tony Evers complained to the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee that the whole thing was cooked up by “right-wing bloggers.” How completely predictable.

So instead of owning up to its nefarious program, the department made the site password-protected and hid the materials and its activities from taxpayers. DPI opted for less transparency. That should immediately set off alarm bells in taxpayers’ heads. What are they trying to hide?

Next, we brought attention to DPI’s CREATE Wisconsin cultural sensitivity teacher training program. In addition to its heavy emphasis on “white privilege” and creating different expectations for students based on race, the program urges teachers to tell students Thanksgiving was like an alien invasion.


That prompted DPI to continue its website scrubbing – dare I say whitewashing. CREATE removed the April 10-13 “White Privilege Conference” in Seattle from its calendar of events. Why would they do that?

Look at this screen grab from early March.

See the current version for yourself here. DPI has removed it.

Aren’t Superintendent Evers and his staff proud of the programs they’re running and the training they’re recommending for teachers?

Clearly the educrats in Wisconsin know exactly what they’re doing. They got a little too sloppy with their transparency and now they’re increasing their secrecy. That makes them all the more dangerous to our children, parents and the future of America.

This determination to avoid public accountability runs deep in a department that controls $4 billion in tax dollars and employs nearly 700 people. It’s bigger than any one person.

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