NEA Convention Delegates Filmed Dancing to a Misogynistic Rap Song

Posted: Jul 10, 2013 12:01 AM

At a kickoff event for yet another public relations campaign at its national convention last week, the National Education Association played “Wobble” by V.I.C., a lewd, sexually-oriented recording that includes the highly offensive racial word “nigga” and the rapper discussing the “tool in his pants.”

Called “Raise Your Hand,” the event was billed as one that would assist with “empowering educators to lead.”

Watch the video to see all the geriatric education “leaders” dancing to a song that says, “when it's over you ain't gon need ya vibrator.”

What we actually need are a lot of new teachers who would never consider listening to, let alone dancing to, recordings with lyrics that reduce women to nothing more than objects of sexual perversion and abuse.

The educators in the video are the self-proclaimed “professionals” who say they deserve higher pay and more respect. Is this their way of proving it?

Do the professional women of the NEA really approve of this type of “music?”


Partial lyrics from

[Verse 1:]
I got em' shakin their boobies like congos,
Man I'm shaking the city like quakes.
The haters blue the face like gonzo,
Cause I'm rakin a cake so let's bake.
I'm taking the game, the games mine.
Ya'll witness a change it's my time.
Yea I'm new to the game but ya'll might wanna save ya whack raps daylight saving time
I could dance homie, I don't 2-step,
Ya'll looking at something like a true player.
A girl told me that a man that could dance might could possibly get down with the tool in his pants.
Now all my ladies let me see you vibrate.
And when it's over you ain't gon need ya vibrator.
Cause I'm a pro, make ya bend ya back low den just pound it real fast just like purkulator

[Verse 2:]
Girl wobble it, and I'm a gobble it.
I see you movin your head, your head bobblin'
We can cradle the bed I'm straight rockin it
The girls say my head like the head of a rocket ship
God damn I'm so explicit, but I can't help it my flow ridiculous
Boy got a gift like it gotta be christmas
Swag don't miss like he gotta be gifted
The girls brought cameras and they want pictures
And they gon frame em to see dat nigga
Little to the bed while I'm sayin my scriptures
Cause I leave ya holy like ya pray in the temple
Want beat? I move with the led of a pencil
And mine won't miss you, goodnight kiss you
Take a band back, cause you got pistols
And I don't think bounty picker up these issues

If these are the educators in positions of leadership, is it any wonder we’re seeing an explosion of homeschooling? Many parents are saying these are not the values they want government schools instilling in their children. C