Catherine Dunn

Catherine  Dunn
These 23 Celebrities Said They'll Leave The Country If Trump Wins
By Catherine Dunn
Amy Schumer recently told BBC Newsnight that anyone who doesn't like Hillary Clinton is uninformed. She went on to say that ...
November 09, 2016
200 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be President
By Catherine Dunn
According to many political commentators, there is simply no contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While Clinton may be ...
September 27, 2016
Schedule of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates
By Catherine Dunn
With the first debate less than a week away, tensions are mounting for what may be one of the highest ...
September 21, 2016
Five Songs That Were Almost the National Anthem
By Catherine Dunn
Two hundred and two years ago, in September of 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” ...
September 16, 2016
Uh Oh: Four Troubling Takeaways From The New Drug Trafficking Report
By Catherine Dunn
Pres. Obama recently released a  memorandum on drug transit and production worldwide. To put it simply, the numbers do not ...
September 16, 2016
Oh My: Leonardo DiCaprio Urged To Pay Back Dirty Money
By Catherine Dunn
Leonardo DiCaprio is under pressure to pay back millions of dollars his foundation accepted from embezzled Malaysian funds. ...
September 01, 2016
Bernie Delegates Say DNC Is Hiring Seat Fillers To Create Appearance of Unity
By Catherine Dunn
Delegates for Bernie Sanders have spoken out against the DNC for hiring seat fillers to replace protesting Sanders supporters. While many ...
July 28, 2016
'60 Minutes' Edits Out Hillary’s Response to the DNC Email Scandal
By Catherine Dunn
Hillary Clinton’s response to the DNC email leak didn’t make it to air on 60 Minutes this Sunday. The ...
July 25, 2016
Despicable: Woman and Three Daughters Stabbed in France for Being ‘Scantily Dressed’
By Catherine Dunn
A woman and her three daughters were stabbed while on vacation in southern France. A Moroccan-born man named Mohamed ...
July 19, 2016
Why Mike Pence Won’t Say ‘Crooked Hillary’—and Other Surprises from the Trump/Pence 60 Minutes Interview
By Catherine Dunn
In a 60 Minutes interview this Sunday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence assured viewers that he was supportive of Donald Trump’s ...
July 18, 2016
Justified? Yale Employee Smashes Stained Glass Window He Deemed Racist
By Catherine Dunn
A black dishwasher at Yale University resigned after breaking a stained glass window that depicted slaves carrying bales of cotton. ...
July 12, 2016