Watch What Happens When a Black Lives Matter Activist Confronts a 16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter

Posted: Jun 21, 2016 10:00 AM

Sparks flew outside a Donald Trump rally in Atlanta on Tuesday after a Black Lives Matter activist and a 16-year old black Trump supporter sparred for over 10 minutes about various aspects of Trump’s platform. Defending his support of Trump, the teenager challenged the BLM activist on his claims that Trump was hypocritical and racist.

The BLM activist made several false claims about Trump and his stated positions, including that he wanted to send black Americans back to Africa and that his wife was an illegal immigrant. The 16-year old challenged him, however, noting the inaccuracies in his argument.

“Can you show me one comment he said about African Americans?” the teenager asked after the protester called him “a disgrace to America” for supporting a “racist.”

A crowd of spectators grew, with some offering advice to the Black Lives Matter activist to stop arguing once it became obvious he was losing.

“They’re trying to engage you and all of these people are going twist your words,” one woman stated, motioning to the cameras taping the confrontation. “The media is powerful. Don’t let him win.”

The protestor did not heed her warning, continuing to argue for another four minutes before walking away in frustration. He reiterated that the teenager was a “disgrace,” and the teenager went back to cheering for Trump.

The confrontation comes at a time when polls show that 94 percent of black voters have a negative view of Trump. Whether or not this number will fall in the coming months remains to be seen.  

Watch the full video HERE: