FOX Business Breaks Records With Sky-high Ratings

Posted: Jun 29, 2016 4:00 PM

FOX Business Network (FBN) saw its ratings grow by double digits this year, making it the fastest growing cable news channel.

With its high ratings, FBN was able to best its rival network CNBC in several key areas. For the first time, Lou Dobbs Tonight won the 7 p.m. timeslot two quarters in a row, surpassing popular CNBC programs like Shark Tank and The Profit. FBN’s coverage of Brexit received 28 percent more viewers than CNBC’s coverage—the first time that the network won for primetime breaking news.

Steve Cortes, a newsman who contributed to FBN's Brexit coverage, tweeted that he was "glad" to have been a part of the ratings sweep. FBN's special edition of Varney & Co received 238,000 viewers, while CNBC's Brexit: UK Decides special only averaged 167,000. 

Maria Bartiromo, host of the popular FBN program Mornings with Maria, attributes the network’s high ratings with its decision to focus on politics in addition to straight business news.

“I don’t see another channel that’s able to walk this balance with markets and politics,” Bartiromo told TVNewser.

Mornings with Maria contributed to FBN’s impressive ratings, having just attained its highest rated quarter in its history, BusinessWire reports. In fact, all of FBN’s programs saw growth this quarter, and all saw record levels of viewership.

FBN also leads in Facebook engagement, with 2.3 million interactions per month—higher than both Bloomberg and CNBC.