Vijay Jayaraj

Vijay Jayaraj
Children Die When 'Eco-Lies' Disrupt the War Against Mosquitoes
By Vijay Jayaraj
I am glad to be alive after a bout with dengue fever. But many across the world are not so ...
July 12, 2022
How Would I Charge My Electric Vehicle When I Don’t Have Electricity?
By Vijay Jayaraj
It is past midnight as I write this column. I am sitting in a dark house on a dark street ...
September 23, 2021
Biden’s Climate Hypocrisy Endangers Energy Security
By Vijay Jayaraj
By now, many among us are familiar with the words Green New Deal, net zero, Paris agreement, carbon neutral, etc. ...
August 20, 2021
Does Climate Change Threaten Your Morning Joe? A Guide for Caffeine Aficionados
By Vijay Jayaraj
There are two types of coffee drinkers: casual and extremely particular. Regardless which type you are, you might want to know ...
August 12, 2021
Brazil’s Use of Natural Resources Is Right Despite Media’s Attacks on Bolsonaro
By Vijay Jayaraj
On March 5, 2021, the Guardian’s editorial team made a scathing attack on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in an article ...
June 26, 2021
Japan’s New Anti-Fossil Fuel Approach Will Compromise Its Energy Security
By Vijay Jayaraj
For many of us here in Asia, Japan has set an economic standard that others strive to achieve. Besides, Japan ...
June 03, 2021
An Open Letter to John Kerry from People Living in Energy Poverty
By Vijay Jayaraj
Dear Mr. Kerry,I write to you from India, a country you visited recently. Before I share my thoughts about some ...
April 17, 2021
Record Cold of 2021 Reminds Us: Be Wary of Climate Predictions and Energy Priorities
By Vijay Jayaraj
Japan reported 13 deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations in the past week due to the intense snowfall in the country. ...
January 17, 2021
Biden’s Climate Appointments and the Potential Disruption to the Global Fossil Fuel Market
By Vijay Jayaraj
With President-elect Joe Biden about to assume office, he will soon roll out his “clean energy” plan, aimed at reducing ...
January 11, 2021
Healthy Polar Bears and Thriving Tigers: The Common Climate Tale
By Vijay Jayaraj
Editor's note: this column was coauthored by Calvin Beisner. Last year, the world applauded Greta Thunberg’s emotional “How Dare You!” speech at ...
December 12, 2020
Is Climate Change a Threat to Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice?
By Vijay Jayaraj
The Arctic and the Antarctic are the darlings of the climate doomsday movement. Changes in their ice volume are often ...
July 29, 2020
India Declares Coal Splurge: US likely to Benefit
By Vijay Jayaraj
While the pandemic and political unrest have taken center stage in the U.S. and Europe, some major policy developments in ...
June 25, 2020
Biden’s Embrace of the Green New Deal Signals More Danger for the Economy
By Vijay Jayaraj
Late in April Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential elections, acknowledged that he is ready to embrace ...
April 28, 2020
YouTube’s Policy on COVID-19 and Climate Change Sets Dangerous Precedent
By Vijay Jayaraj
YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki‎ has declared that they will “remove any content that goes against WHO recommendations” on the coronavirus ...
April 26, 2020
When Economic Progress Is Madness: Dangers of Greta's Radical Climatism
By Vijay Jayaraj
Greta Thunberg, in her latest opinion column for The Guardian, has called for an end to today’s business as usual. ...
January 22, 2020
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