S. E. Cupp

S. E. Cupp
Trump Supporters Soon Will Learn That No One Wins A Trade War
By S. E. Cupp
On his HBO show two weeks ago, Bill Maher faced some searing scrutiny over his suggestion that only economic pain would save us from President ...
June 26, 2018
Pro-life Voices, You Need to Speak Up in Favor of Immigrant Children
By S. E. Cupp
Over the weekend, like many of you, perhaps, I was talking to a friend about the crisis at the border, ...
June 20, 2018
Bill Clinton Again Fails to Own Up to His Misdeeds
By S. E. Cupp
Turns out, the third time is not the charm.Not for Bill Clinton, who took yet another attempt to explain his ...
June 06, 2018
The Handwriting Was on the Wall for a Long Time With Roseanne Barr
By S. E. Cupp
As the acclaimed poet Maya Angelou once said, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them -- the first ...
May 30, 2018
Yes, I Miss George W. Bush: Here's Why He Looks Better With Each Passing Day
By S. E. Cupp
In February 2010, just about a full year after Barack Obama took office, a series of billboards mysteriously popped up along Interstate 35 in a ...
May 15, 2018
Liberal Women Defending Women in Theory, But Not in Practice
By S. E. Cupp
The Center for American Progress, a liberal politics and policy group founded by former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in ...
April 25, 2018
It's Now or Never for Bernie
By S. E. Cupp
As a crucial Democratic debate nears -- crucial because the Democrats have decided to shelter Hillary Clinton by only holding six of ...
January 16, 2016
Why do we Keep Debating Trump's Dumb Ideas?
By S. E. Cupp
Say what you want about his flimsy policy knowledge, his unadulterated blurting and his intolerance for facts -- and I've ...
January 08, 2016
What are Jeb Bush, Mark Cuban and Michael Waltrip resolving to do in the New Year?
By S. E. Cupp
Every year as January 1 approaches, I ask an eclectic group of friends and colleagues what their resolutions are, with promises not ...
December 30, 2015
Some Good News
By S. E. Cupp
As we gather around our holiday tables this year, it's hard not to notice that something feels different. While the ...
December 23, 2015
Stop Selling Me on 'Star Wars'
By S. E. Cupp
If you're a human American over the age of 2, I'm betting I know what you're doing this weekend: you're ...
December 19, 2015
Run, Trump, Run! (As an Independent)
By S. E. Cupp
No third-party candidate has ever won the presidency, but some have been disruptive enough to cause considerable consternation for the ...
December 10, 2015
Is America Great?
By S. E. Cupp
These are undoubtedly troubled times. With the horrific terror attacks in Paris on the minds of many, and the rising threat ...
November 21, 2015