Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick
The ADL’s New Bedfellows
By Caroline Glick
In an interview this week with the Australian media, Jordan’s King Abdullah became the latest Arab leader to express hope ...
November 26, 2016
Israel in the Trump Era
By Caroline Glick
What can we expect from President-elect Donald Trump’s administration? The positions that Trump struck during the presidential campaign were sometimes inconsistent ...
November 11, 2016
Where UNESCO and ISIS Converge
By Caroline Glick
Last month, UNESCO’s director general Irina Bokova issued a statement congratulating Russian- backed Syrian forces for liberating the ancient city ...
April 23, 2016
A (Much) Better Year
February 05, 2016 |
Coordinated Assault
By Caroline Glick
“I’m proud of him.” That’s what the father of Dafna Meir’s murderer said when the Palestinian media asked him what he ...
January 22, 2016
In Pakistan, They Trust
By Caroline Glick
It is a testament to the precarious state of the world today that in a week that saw North Korea ...
January 12, 2016
Israel’s Homegrown Enemies
By Caroline Glick
This past July, unknown assailants threw a firebomb into the home of the Dawabshe family in Duma. The mother, Reham ...
December 28, 2015
Answering John Kerry
By Caroline Glick
On Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech before the Brookings Institute’s Saban Forum. Kerry focused on ...
December 11, 2015
The American War Against the Jews
By Caroline Glick
The foundations of American Jewish life are under assault today in ways that were unimaginable a generation ago. Academia is ...
December 01, 2015
Rabin's True Legacy
By Caroline Glick
It is notable that the same week that Israel marked the twentieth anniversary of the assassination of prime minister and ...
October 30, 2015
AIPAC's Devastating Decision
By Caroline Glick
Democratic Senator Chris Coons from Delaware betrayed his backers and his voters when at the end of the summer, as ...
October 28, 2015
Ted Cruz - A Fresh Approach to American Foreign Policy and US-Israel Relations
By Caroline Glick
US Senator Ted Cruz, the conservative Republican firebrand from Texas, is running for president. Up until a few weeks ago, ...
October 23, 2015
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