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The Friday Filibuster: We Shall Overcome

The Friday Filibuster: The one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about this week in politics.

Closing Numbers

12—how many percentage points Hillary Clinton has on Sen. Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.


121—the number of illegal aliens who avoided deportation and have now been charged with murder.

$3 billion—the amount in Obamacare subsidies the government has lost track of.

18% of moderate Republicans would choose Bush over all other candidates.

6,400—the number of Lois Lerner emails the IRS won’t hand over.

$10—the new bill will feature a woman in 2020.

63% of Americans want their health care paid for by taxpayers.

35% of Democratic men in New Hampshire prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, while only 32% prefer Clinton over Sanders. 

Tragedy Strikes Charleston

The unthinkable happened in Charleston, South Carolina this week when 20-year-old Dylann Roof murdered nine people at Emanuel A.M.E. Church. And to think, he almost didn’t do it. President Obama’s statement on the shooting immediately politicized it by calling for gun control—something the left pounced on following his lead. But as a friendly reminder, none of his gun control initiatives would have prevented this shooting. As a reminder, in Colorado Springs something similar happened but it ended entirely differently. Charleston residents are standing together and sang “We Shall Overcome” in a beautiful tribute to the victims.

Campaigns & Elections

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump both officially entered the race this week. The latter apparently paid actors to cheer for him at his announcement. Here are some of Twitter’s best reactions to the announcement. Bill Clinton is impressed by the GOP field at the moment, or, as he would say: they’re ‘no dummies.’ Carly Fiorina recently hit HRC in an ad pointing out that flying is not an accomplishment, merely an activity. 


On the Democratic side of things Bernie Sanders is gaining steam on Hillary (see Closing Numbers section), and Hillary is really not doing herself any favors by being rude to and dismissive of the press. Also, did she plagiarize Obama during her announcement speech? Yes, that would be the same speech she attacked hedge fund managers in, forgetting apparently that her daughter is married to one. Clinton also has a new phrase for tax increases—revenue enhancements, which just sounds so much better, doesn’t it? And stay tuned for Joe Biden’s 2016 announcement, which is coming in August. 

Culture & Society

Rachel Dolezal continued to capture headlines this week as more bizarre stories came out, like the time she said a white scholar had no business speaking about racism. She also claims there’s no biological proof she comes from white parents. For what it’s worth, she is stepping down from her position at the NAACP. Even though we all know she’s crazy, we just can’t look away from her—Guy has dubbed this ‘cultural rubbernecking.’ George Will says social constructs have allowed liberals to create any world they want. Not everyone in society dislikes liars, of course--in case you didn't hear Brian Williams is coming MSNBC. 

Poor Shakespeare came under attack this week for being white and, sadly, his masterpieces are being dumbed down for teens in easy to understand “YOLO Juliet” kind of terms. Society weeps. 

Global Security

Russia is ramping up its nuclear arsenal, Clinton vowed that if she becomes president there will be no US troops fighting ISIS, and another push for a war authorization against ISIS failed.


Pro-Life News

Good and bad news this week on the pro-life front. First, the good: Services at a DC abortion clinic will be discontinued and in Ohio, a committee passed a bill that would ban abortions done specifically because of Down syndrome. The bad: SCOTUS rejected an appeal out of North Carolina that sought to keep an important ultrasound law on the books because it was too “ideological.” In Wisconsin, pro-abortion activists are now rallying with socialists; and NARAL seems to be confused that the pope doesn’t support abortions. 


The House voted to repeal the medical device tax in Obamacare; Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan threatened to stall EPA nominees until Congress gets answers about water regulations; and the House narrowly passed Fast Track on TPP, which now heads to the Senate. 

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