Another Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Gaining on Hillary

Posted: Jun 15, 2015 4:00 PM
Another Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Gaining on Hillary

Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) came within single-digits of Mrs. Clinton in a battleground state poll. This week, he's seemingly putting the Granite State into contention. Not bad for a self-professed socialist, eh?

The Hill reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders is just 12 percentage points behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, according to a new online poll.

While the poll has a 6 percent margin of error, it highlights the emerging strength of Sanders as a liberal insurgent against Clinton.

Indeed. As the article notes, Clinton garnered 44 percent of the vote among Democrats — Sanders just 32 percent. But that’s far better than how he usually performs against her in national samples. For instance, Fox News’ latest offering showed Sen. Sanders capturing just 11 percent of the vote, fully 46 points behind the presumptive Democratic nominee. So trailing by 12 points in a state poll doesn’t sound all that bad in comparison — especially in a state as important as New Hampshire.

In other words, he must be doing something right, and apparently, he is.