Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.

Sheriff David  Clarke, Ret.
How to Lose An Election
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
With nearly every sporting event canceled during the COVID19 outbreak, I went back to one of my favorite pastimes: reading. ...
March 18, 2020
Black Voters on Democrat Racist Politicians: Nothing to See Here!
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Black voters voting behavior is a perplexing dynamic. Their unwavering support of Democrat politicians and the liberal agenda that creates ...
March 12, 2020
When All Else Fails, Democrats Resurrect the Russia Trump Collusion Hoax
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Democrats in Congress, their voters, and the anti-Trumpers have spent the last three ...
March 03, 2020
Trump Calls Out Sotomayor For Her Activism
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
President Trump is right to call out Justice Sotomayor, and other unelected black robed social justice activist hacks who are ...
February 27, 2020
When Truth Prevails And Frauds Exposed, Rage And Disgust Takeover
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
President Trump keeps rising from the ashes like the Phoenix while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s disgust and frustration ...
February 14, 2020
Anarchy Disguised As Protest
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Protesting is a time-honored First Amendment activity in America. This right is a constitutionally protected guaranteed that should never be ...
February 04, 2020
New York City Politicians: Fixing What Isn’t Broken
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Remember not long ago when New York City had so much crime, violence, and disorder that it was labeled unlivable? ...
January 30, 2020
Gov. Northam and Liberal Media Seem Disappointed That Virginia Gun Rally Was Peaceful
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
The cafeteria food fight, also known as the Senate impeachment trial, is underway. I, like most Americans outside the Beltway ...
January 22, 2020
Like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker Never Had A Chance
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
The recent announcement that Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) suspended his campaign for President of the United States should come as ...
January 14, 2020
The Democrat’s Hatred of President Trump and America Itself Is Appalling
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Over the last three years, these lunatics have tried to fake it, but their mask is off. We have watched ...
January 09, 2020
GOP Needs to Start Playing to Win
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
It’s hard to say nice things about Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But, I admire her ability to play politics with everything.Say ...
January 03, 2020
Maryland Governor Hogan Provides Blueprint For Chicago Violence
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is smart on crime as he unveiled a real crime reduction plan to help violence-plagued Baltimore ...
December 21, 2019
The Liberal Media Fears Nikki Haley
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Anytime a GOP woman or GOP African-American rises in the consciousness of the American people, the liberal media—the so-called champions ...
December 12, 2019
Spencer Fired, the Liberal Media Rages, America Yawns
By Sheriff David Clarke, Ret.
Some people in government have it backward. This latest flap over Navy Secretary Richard Spencer’s attempt to buck the chain-of-command ...
November 26, 2019
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