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Yelling FIRE in a crowded theater while knowing it is not on fire is as low as some people get. This criminal conduct makes us incensed that someone would do this knowing how dangerous it is. Sadly, for many sickos out there, they get a rise from seeing people fleeing in panic, stampeding over one another as they race toward the exit. Liberals, their Democrat ilk and the liberal media are currently employing such a disgusting tactic. 


Shouting fire, so to speak, is part of the race politics game where liberals smear everything and everybody with the label of being racist even when it is patently false. Like the sicko who negligently yells FIRE in a crowded theatre, Democrats shout the word RACIST. Then they sit back and watch the feeding frenzy their trick created as every one of their brainless followers begin in unison repeating the smear that so and so is a racist. They laugh as the person whom it is hurled at flees in horror. They smile when immediately the person called a racist panics and goes into denial. Many times it results in the target uttering some clumsy response that the left then seizes on and presents as proof of their smear.

Democrats play the race card as if it is some sort of sport. They revel in it. They call someone or something racist with such regularity that as far as I am concerned, it has no meaning. Like that person yelling fire in a crowded theater, they too are dangerous and irresponsible. 

As hard as it will be, conservatives and Republicans are going to have to learn to treat being called a racist the same they would a false alarm. Their response should be to laugh and go back to their point. If it is based on something they did like a social media post, deleting it is a panic move and feeds into the left’s objective. Even though the post is far from being racist, the left contorts it into some inane racist interpretation to have the person take it down because what was posted was effective.


Let me give you an example.

Recently Donald Trump Jr. shared—I said shared—not created, a tweet that called into account whether Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris being the child of a mother who is from India and a father who is from Jamaica qualifies her to call herself an African American. This is an interesting question. Let’s unpack it.

When Harris was asked about legalizing marijuana, she said, “Half my family is from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?” Her parents embrace their individual ethnicity. Her Jamaican father disassociated himself from her over the negative stereotype uttered by his daughter. Many Jamaicans in the U.S. embrace their Jamaican heritage and prefer to identify as Jamaican-American over African-American. 

Harris is reportedly the descendant of Jamaican slave owners. That is a problem for her. She is the last person that should be promoting reparations for slavery in the U.S. Her parents are well-educated and successful. They provided an excellent base for Kamala to reach her potential. That’s good stuff. 

However, identifying as an African-American appears to be one of convenience for Harris. It works to her advantage politically right now. She did not share the black experience in America growing up. She is running from her Jamaican heritage. That’s bothersome. Kamala knows she has to improve her black bonafides to ingratiate herself with the NAACP and black voters. Meeting with Al Sharpton in a New York restaurant was nothing more than a photo op. Genuflecting at the alter of Al is required for Democrats seeking the nomination. It repulsed me like it did when Hillary Clinton went on a black radio show and when asked what she always carries in her purse she replied, “a bottle of hot sauce.” Oh please. Harris is also running from her tough-on-black-crime as the San Francisco prosecutor and as Attorney General of California that rightly imprisoned many black males. Obama faced the same “street cred” dilemma being the son of a bi-racial marriage. He never acknowledged how his mother’s heritage contributed to his development. On the other hand, we heard much about his African father. Many blacks had to kick the tires several times before giving him his black stamp of authenticity. That is why he hung around America-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church before running for U.S. Senate. Being a member there was a rite of passage to getting elected in Chicago for black politicians. It was one of political convenience.


The liberal media started every story about the social media post shared by Donald Trump Jr. as racist. No, it wasn’t. Not by any stretch of the imagination. One would have to suspend their sense of reality to see it as one. It’s finding racism where none exists. Trump Jr. did what most do when called racist by the left. In knee-jerk fashion he deleted the post. The left yelled “fire” in a crowded theater and Trump Jr. fled in a panic.

If we are ever going to dilute the effect of the left finding racism lurking around every corner, we have to stop flinching when it is weaponized for political advantage. I want to encourage conservatives to stand their ground. Snicker and sneer when you are smeared with that lie. It was Billy Graham who so eloquently said, “When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”

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