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Six months ago I wrote about the liberal media masquerading as journalists to scam the American people down a rabbit hole with their contrived high noon drama-filled fake news scandals. 

I called attention to the reality that “only in the Washington D.C. bubble can high drama and theater be manufactured by a topic the media elites and establishment politicians have wet their pants over in excited delirium that the general population have become bored with for some time now.” They make effective use of propaganda to convince or should I say fool the public that what they are doing is important.

Unfortunately, we are still bored with these manufactured scandals. These snake-oil salesmen Washington “insiders” have not figured us out yet. But we've figured them out. They are desperados who cannot survive without their ‘sky is falling’ narratives. As pathetic as these high-brow so-called intellectuals are, they are simply people who stayed in Washington long enough to drink the Potomac Kool-Aid, catch the fever, and delusively believe the universe centers on them—that all of America is riveted to their televisions and newspapers yearning to hear what these chatterboxes have to say. As much as these “insiders” loathed President Trump, what would they do without him? Instead of trying to get rid of him, they should thank him every day because without him as their whipping post, they have nothing to make themselves feel important.

The general population sees these manufactured scandals as blatant political attacks on President Trump to discredit the 2016 election. Yes, Democrats are still trying to undo the 2016 election—an election where Trump, an improbable outsider with no political experience crashed their party and has kept his foot on the accelerator running through their social elitist cocktail parties with the finesse of a bull in a China shop. And America loves it.

Before Trump took the oath of office, the word impeachment started rolling off every Democrat “insider's” lips. Remember that intellectually sharp-as-a-marble Rep. Maxine Waters obsessively repeating impeach 45, impeach 45, impeach 45? Trump’s presidency has triggered his opposition every day to a point that many have what is termed Trump Derangement Syndrome—an apparent psychosis that includes manufacturing front-page above-the-fold and breaking news scandal after scandal that intends to sink Trump’s presidency, but, as we have seen over and over, ends up in the trash heap. 

Russian collusion was first. We were shouted at constantly that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Mrs. Bill Clinton. Democratic politicians undervalued our time, a commodity they too often waste, with over a year of Robert Mueller’s illegitimate leaking-like-a-sieve political investigation that filled every cable news and Sunday talk show with on-going breaking news and topics chirped by liberal parrots and a few so-called conservatives repeating the same talking points. 

Then Stormy Daniels and her sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti stole the headlines. Remember the media pointing fingers in our face telling us how this for sure was going to bring Trump down. The Michael Cohen saga captivated the opposition next. This built up to the release of the Mueller report that had Washington “insiders” on the edge of their seats for several weeks. The release was dragged out, providing the reckless media with weeks of speculation stories based on “sources” close to the investigation. Since the media has lost all credibility, I will not let them hide behind unnamed sources under the ruse that they have to protect their sources. Since 2016, I learned a valuable lesson when any time a New York Times, Washington Post, or USA Today story says, “sources tell us,” I replace those words with these three words: “it didn’t happen.” I know I am not alone with my thinking. After several years of fake news, we learn how to read through the nonsense. 

And our latest ‘sky is falling’ scandal that is intended to take down the president is Democrats threatening articles of impeachment. The D.C. swap is so predictable. Partisan-hack Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry started with the Russia collusion and has now failed to a point it has morphed into a phone call Trump had with the newly elected leader of Ukraine. What? Even though this Ukraine thing only broke several weeks ago, Schiff and his cackling Democrats and the liberal media say that this time they have the goods to impeach President Trump. Yeah, right.  

I read the written phone call transcript. When I finished, I went back to my printer, thinking I must have left another page behind or that maybe a portion of the transcript did not print. After hearing all of D.C. run around like chickens with their heads cut off over the president’s call, I said to myself there have to be pages I was missing because I couldn’t find the smoking the gun these Washington insiders told me would be there. 

I should have known better. All the noise going on in Washington over this phone call is another fake scandal made up by people who demand our respect but treat us as if we don’t have the capacity to think for ourselves. Some advice to the politicos in Washington: stop it, man, you’re embarrassing the country and you’re boring us. 

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